A Brief Insight into Installing Split Air Conditioner

Split air conditioners have become a common addition in our houses. However, one of the most important things with Split air conditioners is the installation. It is the right installation that ensures comfort and proper cooling effect in your home or office. For the split system installation, there are two different units available; inner unit and the outer unit. The inner unit is installed inside the room and the outer unit is usually installed on the roof or on any other open area. The steps mentioned below will help you understand the installation process in a better way.

Process for Split System Installation

Split Air Conditioner

Although, it is important to buy a reputed brand of split air conditioners to experience quality, but you also need to have good installation process in order to experience great results in the long term. Below mentioned are certain processes and steps that you need to take care of in the split system installation.

  • Space: Split air conditioners are usually wall mounted; therefore, you need to select a location inside the room that is unobstructed. There is one more important factor that you need to take into consideration if you want the installation to be successful. The place which is selected to install the AC should be away from all the heat sources including the sunlight. It is advisable to avoid locations near any gas cylinder.
  • Mounting Plate: The next step is to install a mounting plate on the wall.  You need to make sure that the plate is horizontally level. Then holes need to be drilled into the wall through the holes in the place and then fix it to the wall with screws.
  • The hole for Piping: A hole needs to be created on the wall to allow the pipe to pass through. A flange needs to be inserted into the hole.
  • Electrical Connections: The front panel of the unit needs to be lifted and the cover needs to be removed. The screw terminal should be connected with the cable wires. Make sure that the outdoor unit is connected properly with the indoor one through proper electrical connection. You need to make sure that all electrical connections are safely mounted and there is no accident hazard. It is best to take help from the professionals so that safety of electrical connections can be ensured.
  • Connect Pipes: Attach the pipe to the rear of the indoor panel and then run it outside though the hole on the wall. The pipe comes along with the system. Make sure that the hole is wide enough so that the pipe can pass through easily. While connecting, the pipes make sure that these are bend in an angle and that there are no sharp bends where the pipes could break.
  • Install the indoor unit: Now it is time to fix the indoor unit to the wall through the mounting plate which was fixed earlier.
  • Outdoor Unit: Also known as the outdoor condenser, this is another part of the entire system. After the indoor unit has been installed, it is time to install the outdoor condenser.
Split System Installation

If you are planning for a split system installation as a small project of yours, then you can get hold of valuable information from the installation manual that comes with the system.

However, the best way of split system installation is to get in touch with a professional who has the skills and expertise to follow all the crucial processes in the most efficient and professional manner. Professionals will also save a lot of time and efforts needed in the installation process.

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