Tips on Choosing Sleeper Sofas

Tips on Choosing Sleeper Sofas

What Are Sleeper Sofas?

Sleeper sofas are generally sofas that have a mechanism for opening and closing that enables them to be simultaneously used as beds. They often come with mattresses, although different products will have different mattresses. There are those that will have innerspring mattresses, others that are air beds and some that will come with specialty mattresses. The kind of mattress will often influence the pricing.

However, this is not the only factor that influences how much you will pay. Other factors include, quality, the design as well as the manufacturer. It goes without saying that a good product, with a good mattress and an opening and closing mechanism that works (since this feature can give people problems), will come at a higher price point than others.

This doesn’t mean that the highest priced one is the best sleeper sofa for you. There are many other factors that you have to take into consideration.

Factors to Consider

You need to be very clear on why you need to purchase the sleeper sofa. As with any other kind of furniture, deciding what you need it for will ensure that you not only purchase the right one but also the space it will occupy in your home. In this case, it is important to get clear on whether it will be primarily used for seating or sleeping. If you are going to use it for sleeping, you will want to make sure that the opening and closing mechanism works very well. The last thing you need is a bed that is stuck at bedtime or one that refuses to close when you need to transform it into a sofa. Also, if you are buying it for sleeping, you will want to find one with a mattress type you will be happy and comfortable to sleep on.

Another factor to consider is space. If you have a small space, a twin sized model is probably best for you. This is because a twin sized one is usually less than 5 feet wide and has a mattress that is about 39″ wide. Opened up it can be 54 inches wide and 85 inches in length. It is just perfect for one person.

However, do not expect them to be cheaper or more affordable just because they are small. Other factors such as the design and materials used in the manufacturing will influence pricing.

Sometimes when you want to get a good night’s sleep, you will not mind it if it takes up a little more room. A twin sleeper sofa may not be ideal for everyday use as it may not be comfortable, unless you are a child or petite in stature. Therefore, if you are looking for comfort, a full sized model may be what you need. When opened up a full sized one is 72 inches wide and 90 inches in length. When closed it is the size of a sofa or love seat.

If you, however, don’t have an issue with space and want the best sleeper sofa that is also large enough to sleep two, you will be well served by a queen sized sleeper sofa. Queen sized ones come in a variety of styles and fabrics and with different mattresses.

When closed up, they can easily accommodate three and can provide a good comfortable bed for two when opened up. They measure up to 84 inches wide and 90 inches in length when fully open.

Sleeper Sofas

Tips for When You Are Looking Around

Since a sleeper sofa has been at often times used as both a sofa and a bed, you need a piece of furniture that will be able to incorporate both of these requirements but still fit in with your style and design preferences.

The Following Tips Will Help You in Making an Easy Decision

  • Try to find one with a hardwood frame: Any piece of furniture made from hardwood will be strong and durable and since you want it to last a long time you want to buy one that has a hardwood frame, if not made entirely of hardwood. The best sleeper sofa in terms of strength and durability is one made from kiln-dried hardwood or a combination if kiln-dried hardwood and plywood. It is best to avoid buying furniture with frames made from softer types of wood such as pine.
  • Choose the one with a good quality open and close mechanism: In order for it to serve its purpose, its opening and closing mechanism needs to be in good working order. A mechanism that is in good working order should lift up and out without sticking or squeaking. Thoroughly inspect the mechanism to ensure that it is well built, and that the parts will not break easily.
  • Make sure the opening and closing mechanism has smooth edges: While you are still on the mechanism, make sure that all the edges of it are smooth so they won’t damage your blankets. It is still advisable to remove the sheets and blankets before closing the sleeper sofa so as to avoid any such damage.
  • Ensure the mattress is of good quality: A good quality mattress can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep or not and should adequately support your shoulders, hips and lower back. This is a factor that is especially important if you are going to be using the sleeper bed for regular sleeping. The best sleeper sofa is one that has a good quality mattress designed for a restful night.
  • Put it to the test: Remember that you are spending your hard earned money to buy a piece of furniture that is probably costing you a lot. So don’t be afraid to test it before you buy it. Open and close the unit to see how the mechanism works. It should be easy to operate. You can also open it fully and lie down to test the mattress. Keep in mind that the best sleeper sofa is one that meets your personal requirements for comfort.
  • Make sure to measure it before buying: Most people overlook this very important factor. Make sure that you measure the bed when fully opened as neglecting these measurements could cause you problems when you are looking for a space for it in your home. You must keep in mind that it needs more room when fully opened than when fully closed. Therefore get the right measurements when it is fully opened and find the right location for it in your home.

Are They Expensive?

Different sleeper sofas, will retail at different price points and the one you buy will often depend on the amount you are willing to spend as well as what you are looking for. The most suitable product is one that will meet all of the requirements mentioned above and come at a price that is not outrageous.

The price will be influenced by a number of factors. Obviously, a well-designed model with an opening and closing mechanism that works well will be more expensive. The type of mattress you want will also influence the price point. Models with a good mattress will be slightly more expensive than one whose mattress it thin and not comfortable. If you want one with a specialty mattress, you will obviously have to pay more. Looking at all of these factors, it is easy to see that the amount you spend will often be determined by what your ideal sleeper sofa is and how often you will use it for sleeping.

It is not advisable to go for a cheap one, especially if you are looking to buy one to be used as both a bed and sofa. It is also not advisable to buy one that has been used before such as the ones sold at backyard sales. There are however a few ways to make sure that you get the right price. First of all, it would be easier to find the right one for you at a price that is reasonable, if you shop around for a while before settling on one. This not only ensures that you are able to get the right sleeper sofa for you in terms of quality and design, but that you are able to compare prices to suit your wallet.

You can also wait to buy when sleeper sofas are on sale. At this time, some retailers may cut the price by up to 20%. Just be on the lookout for sleeper sofas that go on sale, you may find one for you at a price you can easily afford.

Choosing Sleeper Sofas

Is It Time for A New One?

The easiest way to know you need to replace your sleeper is when the opening mechanism begins to cause you problems. This is the most important part of a sleeper, you could even say it is what make the sleeper sofa, a sleeper sofa. So if you begin to notice that it is not working correctly and gets stuck when you try to open it, it is time to replace the sleeper. The other telltale sign that your sleeper is aging can easily be identified by a less than comfortable mattress. If a once very comfortable sofa bed, makes you feel more tired in the morning than you did when you went to bed last night, it is time to start thinking about replacing it.

If, however, your sleeper’s mechanism is working just fine, but you suspect that the mattress has lost its comfort, capability, you can replace the mattress rather than having to spend a lot of money on a new sleeper.

You can also make the mattress more comfortable by covering it with a mattress topper or adding another layer underneath it. You may also find that in an old sleeper, the supporting bar can be felt through the mattress making it quite uncomfortable. 

In this case, you can still fix the problem without having to buy a new sleeper. Just place folded blankets or comforters directly on top of the supporting bars.

You can also put plywood pieces underneath the mattress, although the problem with this strategy is that you will have to remove the plywood every time you want to close the sleeper.

Changing the frames may not also be a viable option, especially if you have a very old sleeper. This is because newer sleepers are made very differently from the older models and you may not find a frame that will be the right fit for your sleeper.

Sometimes repairs are not possible and you have to buy a new one. Remember to adequately test a new sleeper when you decide to buy it. Your new sleeper should have a comfortable mattress, a good working mechanism that will not get stuck and be the right size for your space.

The good news is that there are very many new designs for sleeper sofas in the market for you to choose from. Take your time to ensure you get the sleeper that fits your needs perfectly.

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