How to Create the Perfect Space for Your Kids

For most people, the house truly becomes theirs after customizing it into their styles. This is with more emphasis to the kid’s bedroom, which for most people is a colorful and messy space with occasional clutter of toys and books. We understand how hard re-designing the child’s room can be, between choosing colors that are fun and exciting down to easy toy access. Here are a few home improvement tips to help you in remodeling your kids’ bedroom, to have it reflect their budding personality while keeping it neat and safe.

#1. Themes and Colors

Kids Bedroom

First, check in with your child to find out what they want. If you do not like their color and theme ideas, come up with a compromise that will make the both of you happy. Choose a color that is both fun and lively, but will also stand the test of time, as you do not want to find yourself calling back the painter when the kid gets too old for “babyish” colors. A theme is also a good idea but be careful not to end up with a theme that the child will outgrow quickly.

#2. Furniture and Accessories

Furniture for your Kids
  • Choose a crib that can transform into a big bed. Hence, you will not need to incur extra cost to get a bigger bed as they grow. However, whatever bed you purchase, ensure that your kid’s bed stays comfortable by adding the best down comforter for the winter nights and something light and airy for summer. 
  • Invest in multi-purpose kid’s pieces of furniture like box chairs that can also serve as tables and a changing table that can also be used as dressers for their clothes later on.

#3. Lighting


Kids need bright pops of color to inspire energy and optimism. A light, airy room creates a warm and a cozy feeling in your kid’s bedroom. Ensure that the room has enough natural lighting to make the room look spacious. Also, invest in window treatments such as drapes or room darkening shades to make going to bed in the summertime, sick days and naptime easier.

#4. Reading Area

Create a reading area that is conducive in your kid’s bedroom. You may include poufs, oversized pillows, or ottomans in the reading area for them to sit on. Also, include gallery-wrapped canvas art and their artwork.

#5. Safety and Storage

Whatever changes you make in your kid’s bedroom, think safety, and storage. Limit sharp corners and breakable material from their bedroom. Have multiple storage areas in the room for all the stuffed animals and other child’s toys to prevent the room from looking messy. In case you have a small space, add floating shelves or cubbies on your wall for storage. Positioning the toy box near the door is also a great way to encourage tidiness.

Whatever, the design you choose for your child’s room, ensure its stays cozy with extra dolls, pillows and the best down comforter. Adding family photos in the kid’s room is a great way to make them feel special and loved. These small details make all the difference in your child’s room.

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