Factors to Consider for a Bathroom Benchtops

Bathroom is one of the most frequently used places in our homes. While renovating or even designing a new bathroom, you will need to consider the various benchtop options and only go through the different benefits to ensure you make the right investment. Durability and easy maintenance are two important factors taken into consideration when choosing benchtops for your bathroom. Bathroom bench tops can be easily affected by not only toiletries but also hair dryers, cleaning products, dyes, moisture and more. Besides opting for a practical option you will also need to ensure that the looks of your bathroom are enhanced with the benchtops.

Bathroom Benchtops

Considerations for a Bathroom Benchtop:

Considering specific factors can help you make the right choice in the bathroom bench tops. Listed below are some of the things that will help you out.

#1. Maintenance taken into Account:

In order to ensure that your bathroom is clean at all times, you need to look for a Benchtop material which can be easily maintained. Opting for natural stones is one of the ways that you can go about it. Stone benchtops are not only easily cleaned but these are also durable and offer the bathroom a luxurious look and feel.

#2. Available Space:

The bathroom needs to be measured and the dimensions of the area you need the Bench top for needs to be taken into account as well. The height can be adjusted. A narrow bathroom requires a Benchtop of a smaller depth. The height of the bathroom benchtop will depend on the preference of a home owner. Measure the overall width.

#3. Options for Mounting:

A Benchtop can be free-standing, which is a preferred choice of many home owners. This type of a benchtop is apt for those looking for storage. The corner mounted bathroom bench tops can also work out favorable when it comes to space. Saving on ground space is easy with the benchtops mounted on walls.

Bathroom Benchtop Ideas

#4. Durability Factor Considered:

When it comes to construction of new bathroom or renovation, it is important to choose a benchtop which is strong and durable. Granite is one material which is extremely durable and can give an elegant look and feel to the bathroom. Granite is also resistant to stains and scratches besides heat.  Marble, though outstanding, is considered as a soft option. For maintenance, both, marble and granite need sealing annually.

#5. Colors in Benchtops:

The color of the benchtop is another consideration that you need to keep in mind. This can make all the difference to the looks of your bathroom. You need to ensure that this blends well with the color on your walls. There are multiple colors available in bench tops these days and choosing one according to the color scheme of your home is easy.

#6. Budget Considered:

Different budgets can cater to different materials of bathroom benchtops. It is important that you decide on this factor before you conduct your search. It is important that you do not cringe on money and compromise on the quality of the benchtop. A compromise can lead to replacement which is uncalled for expenditure

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Some Options of Bathroom Benchtops:

Listed below are few options available in bathroom bench tops.

  • Timber: This is definitely perfect for all types of benchtops with its natural feel and look. You need to be aware that this requires sealing on a regular basis.
  • Engineered Stone: These bench tops are made by combining granite, quartz, glass or marble with polymer resin. These tend to be resistant to acid, scratching, staining and also chipping.
  • Laminate: Laminate works out to be versatile and tends to fit into any budget.  As this can lift if it is exposed to moisture might not be an ideal choice.
  • Ceramic: Available in a wide range of colors, works well for bathroom benchtops. Ceramic also tends to be easy maintenance.

So make sure that you consider these factors and only choose the best one.

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