Give a Modern Touch to Your Windows by Installing Shutters

When you looking for a decorative and practical addition for the windows of your home then shutters can turn out to be the perfect option. Made from a wide range of materials, they can be placed both outside and inside the windows. Some of the common types include aluminum, vinyl, plastic and wood. The type of material that you want for the window treatment should be based on your budget along with the purpose of having a shutter.

Interior Window Shutters

For instance, the interior shutter for windows can be crafted from wood but when you are concerned about home security then you should consider opting for a stronger material such as metal.

The window shutters are mounted either top or side-to-side and it can be customized as per the style of your windows. Further, they are available in several colors and prints, so that you can choose the one that compliments the decor of your home. The different variants are

  • Roller shutters
  • Solid panel shutters
  • Storm shutters
  • Plantation shutters and
  • Louvered shutters

Window Shutters for Interiors

The interior window shutters are an excellent option for every style of home; be it modern, classic, or cotemporary. Though these shutters are quite decorative but they can even be used for privacy and light control. Some of the shutters come along with adjustable louvers, so that you can easily control the amount of light and air that enters the room. The interior shutters are even denoted as plantation shutters.

Window Shutters for Exteriors

The exterior shutters have evolved to be a decorative element popularly found in modern homes. But, they are even functional as they aid in regulating comfortable temperature indoors, protect the glass of windows from any form of potential damage, provide privacy, prevent debris or water from entering the home and offer complete home security.

Window Shutters for Exterior

Reasons to Install Window Shutters in Your Home

If you are still not sure with the idea of installing window shutters in your home then here are five important reasons that will help you realize its importance.

#1. Safety

Keeping your property, loved ones and priced possessions safe and secure is of utmost importance. This can be done with the help of shutters. Because security shutters are made from high-quality durable materials that are hard mounted on the windows and act as a deterrent for intruders. Therefore, installation of shutters creates an impression that breaking into your home may not be such an easy task.

#2. Control Light, Air & Privacy

Besides offering the best security the shutter provides you an opportunity to control the amount of light, air and privacy that you want to have in the room. For example, when you are reading a book and want minimal light, then you can customize the slats accordingly.

#3. Reduces Noise

Noise is another factor that turns out to be a concern for commercial and residential spaces. If your house is situated near a manufacturing unit, airport or railway station then this would transmit unwanted noise. To avoid such a scenario, you can consider installing window shutters as they absorb noise and reduce its transmission by over 50%.

#4. Easy to Maintain

You will no more have to send the blinds or drapes to the dry cleaner, as shutters can be kept clean at the comfort of your home. Just warm water, mild detergent and a brush is more than enough for keeping them squeaky clean. Proper maintenance adds to their lifespan and allows them to remain brand new for a long period of time.

#5. Adds Style & Functionality

The window shutters can uplift the décor adding value to your home, making it worth the investment.

It is not too difficult to find quality roller shutters. All you need to do is find a reputed seller. Make sure that the shutters fulfill all your requirements however.

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