Guide To Know If Your Plumber Is Doing It The Right Way!

Plumbers are often the masters of an art that is not valued much but the reality is they are the ones that keep our life going, these professionals have the power to make our life hassle free. We do not pay attention towards installations of fittings and forget that it is a feature of our house that is going to be utilized the most. In case of any damage or leakage, fixing it can be a pain, as all the fittings are buried under the wall or in concrete. So, it is suggested to invest in good plumbers because it is obvious that you would not want to see a clogged drain or a leakage in your house. While a plumber is working, we are very naïve to know if he is doing the fixtures correctly or not, or would the fittings create clogging or leaking later.

Therefore, here we will be discussing the most common plumbing mistakes people make while designing our house. So that, you can avoid them and save yourself a lot of trouble, so let us start-

Blocked Drain

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  • Slopes: While making the drains, keeping too much or too little slopes will always be problematic. If you keep too much of slope, liquid will flow instantly but solid wastes would stay there and would eventually be clogged. Similarly, if you will keep too little slope, it would be difficult for remnants to flow through the drain. Hence, consult your plumbers for a wisely sloped structure. However, ideally it is supposed to be ¼ inch per foot but metrics can change as per the usability.
  • Improper connections: There are certain metals that do not go well with few other metals, as galvanized metal pipe should never be connected to copper metal pipe, as they might infuse corroding and your fitting would start being foiled. However, experienced plumbers would already know this but leaving it to solely their decision might get you in trouble.
  • Locations of cleanouts: Though we do not pay much attention to location or placing of clean out but their improper placements can be very inconvenient, before fixing cleanouts please discuss the placements with your plumbers to identify the best locations.
  • Number of fittings and fixtures: While designing a house, we tend to incorporate it with too many fancy fittings and plumbing appliances without knowing the impact on water pressure, when we install too many plumbing appliances or fixtures, they result in a low water pressure. Number of appliances and fittings are indirectly proportional to the water pressure in your house. So, ask your plumbers a good number of fittings that can be used at your place to ensure a fair water pressure.
  • Garbage disposal: The most frequently occurring problem in our households is clogging of drains that create a lot of chaos. The most common reason for clogging is inadequate disposal of garbage. One must keep a few things in mind while disposing of the garbage, so that they will not have to call plumbers every time it is clogged. A few tips for your consideration- use cold water to flow down the garbage in your drain, that would help all the grease stick together. Never put solid wastes in it, you have dustbins for that, coffee grounds, eggshells, leftover food items, etc. putting them in drain would clog the drain pipe, no matter how well the drainage has been designed. Therefore, be cautious and alert while disposing of garbage.

If you will keep all of the above-mentioned points in mind, you can save a lot of pain and resources and have a clog free leak-proof plumbing system.

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