Improve Your Backyard With A Garden Pond

When it comes to our back yards, most people are on the lookout constantly for ways to improve it. Whether it is adding a few new plants or making a major landscaping change, it is all about personalizing the space to create our own little slice of nature.

One item that is commonly placed in the “too hard basket” is a garden pond.

When you mention a pond in your garden to most homeowners, you see the wonder on their face. Unfortunately, this look of wonder is usually quickly eclipsed by a frown, all because garden ponds are perceived to be hard work. The good news is, not all garden ponds are hard to install or maintain.

Choosing the right garden pond

If you want a garden pond to be easy to install and simple to maintain, then it is all about choosing the right type.

Garden Pond

The trick is to think simple, and here are a few tips that will help you choose the right garden pond:

  • Choose a preformed pond liner if possible – these are much easier to install than a flexible liner
  • Avoid fish to start with – focus on creating a healthy pond before worrying about filling it with fish
  • Use simple decorations – it is tempting to imagine large waterfalls and flowing creeks, but start off with a simple pond and go from there
  • Use products available to you – You don’t need to make everything from scratch. Decorations, pond liners, fake rocks and other items are all available to purchase – saving you precious time.
  • Use Good quality products – Don’t just go with the cheapest pond liner and water pump you can find. All it will do is cost you valuable time, so spend a bit extra and get good quality pond parts to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Do your research

Buying the first preformed pond, you see and slapping it in the ground is a recipe for disaster. Take your time doing your research, do some serious googling and look up pond installation guides.


Find out what pond liners, pumps, and lighting will suit your unique backyard. Don’t rush into it!

Ask a friend for help

Installing a pond does require quite a bit of elbow grease; you need to clear the location, dig the hole, back fill around the liner and then decorate it…. and that’s all before even filling it with water!

It will be much easier if you have some help, so find a friend or family member to give you a hand with the hard stuff. Pay them back by giving them a hand to design and install their own garden pond!

Enjoy your pond

As you can see, installing a pond does not need to be hard work. So what are you waiting for? Get digging!

About the writer:

Aaron Green is an avid backyard DIY enthusiast. He loves to spend time outdoors and improving his home. You can read more of Aaron’s work over at

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