Security Roller Shutters: A Guard to Your Abode

Security is a top concern in all countries around the world. A roller shutter is a good option to secure the house and also protect from weather extremes. As a result, there are many places where you can find these installed. If you are considering getting these installed in your home or office, here are some of the important things that you need to know and knowing these things will help you in making the right decision.

Roller Shutters

What is a roller shutter?

As the name suggest security roller shutters operates by rolling up or down and are closely fit to the door and window. They are fitted to either side of the window and move along the special guide. The shutter can be pulled to one side to access the door. The shutter when pulled up rolls into a compact cassette.

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Types of security roller shutter

There are varieties of roller shutters available in the market. There is aluminum roller shutter made of aluminum slate which has insulated foam filled in cavity of each slat. Other types of roller shutters are steel roller shutter, timber roller shutter and poly carbonate roller shutter made of polycarbonate and metal.

Roller shutters can be manually operated or motorized. A manual roller shutter has a winder that lowers or raises the shutter when the winder is turned. The motorized roller shutter is fixed with small motor to operate the shutter when the button is switched on.

electric roller shutter
Electric Roller Shutter

Electric roller shutter vs. manual roller shutter

Electric shutters are convenient as they can be operated from a distance by a remote control. On the other hand, a manual roller shutter requires someone to work on the winder. The electric shutters are expensive and time taking to install but can be low on maintenance when good quality material is used. Working with manual shutters is time consuming and it requires more maintenance to have them in the best condition.

Benefits of a security roller shutters

  • Security – The fact that the shutters are so closely fitted to the window or door makes it safe. The sturdy shutters require great deal of effort to be broken. The biggest benefit of the roller is definitely security as it is a good physical deterrent.
  • Insulating – Security roller shutters have insulated material filled within the slats. The insulators prevent extreme weather conditions to affect the temperature inside the house. The shutters not only prevent external temperature to affect interior conditions but also stop the heat or cold to leave the home. They are also sound proof thus reducing the transmission of sound.
  • Gives control – The security shutters can be used to control the room condition. A completely rolled up shutter will allow good amount of sunlight and fresh air to enter the room whereas the lowered shutters will darken the room completely even during the day. One can even choose to partially roll up the shutters.
  • Provides privacy – The rollers give a complete solution to privacy issues. The firm shutters when lowered provide complete privacy to the house. Installing roller shutter gives a control over the privacy. Unlike fabric shades the roller shutters are sturdy structure that guards the view.
Security Roller Shutters

Cost of installing security roller shutters

The cost of roller shutter will depend on four factors:

  1. Size of the shutters
  2. Type of roller shutters. You can choose between manual or electric rollers
  3. Material of the roller shutter
  4. Price quoted by the manufacturer

Some manufacturers customize paint the shutters in colors as requested but this will add up to the cost. Some companies provide DIY installations as well. To get the security roller shutters installed, get the quote from the manufacturer or a local company that specializes in installation. It is advisable to get several price quotes before choosing the vendor to install the shutter. Also taking reference and conducting good research should be done before selecting the type of shutters.

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