Burglary Facts: How a Burglar Sees Your Home

Ever wondered what goes through a burglar’s mind? How do they identify their target homes? What are their preferred break-in methods?

With every client that you have, it is important to think about their home security like a burglar. The intruders will focus on their favorite weak spots and strategies. Statistics show that a burglary happens every 15 minutes in the US, and most cases go unresolved.

Here is a peek into a burglar’s mind. Learn tips and strategies used by the criminals to gain access to your home and use them to prevent it from happening to yours.


Posing as maintenance/Utility workers

A potential thief often poses as a utility worker. They will flash a fake ID or claim to leave it in the truck. The intruder will ask to check something in your basement, attic, or backyard. You will be distracted as an accomplice enters your home and steals from another point of entry. Others will learn your routines and patterns before striking later. Always ask for identification before authorizing entry. Also, keep your security system armed even when you are home.

Where to find valuables

The burglar will look for valuables, cash, and jewelry in the master bedroom first. They will steal electronics and appliances from the kitchen and living room. Consider keeping all your important documents in a home safe.  Do the research and get one that will hold up in different situations from weather related changes to home fires.  Read safe reviews to learn more about these items and other security products that you can use to safeguard your home at InformedMag.

Is your home on the market?

Open houses and realtor showings are ideal ways to see how a home is laid out and which items are located where. After all, they have unrestricted entry to all the rooms to view it all. The intruders have enough time to check out the windows and open the closets to check security on the access point. The thieves may leave the windows open for an entry later.

What burglars look for while targeting homes

They are not looking to draw attention to themselves. The intruders will pose as the cable man for a closer inspection. Most of them will scout for their targets when most people are away from home.


Some of the common things to be aware of around your home that sends a message to a potential thief:

  • High privacy fences and vegetation can offer cover from attempted break ins
  • Toys in the backyard indicates someone is present
  • Home security alarms makes their work harder
  • Expensive toys and items on the outside may indicate expensive items on the inside
  • Your delivery mail and newspapers that are left outside may indicate vacationing residents

Burglars favorite weak spots in your home

#1. The front door

The intruders first instinct is to try the front door. Statistics show that 34 percent of the break-ins happen at the front door because we assume no one would be so obvious, and we leave them unlocked. Dim lighting and a hedge shrouding your house from the street makes the robbery easier to conduct.

Always lock the front door. Use a solid deadbolt and properly light your house to make it visible to passersby. You can also install motion-light sensors that will go off when someone or something crosses their path.  These are adjustable to prevent a raccoon or other animal resident from setting them off.

#2. The windows and side entrances

22 percent of break-ins happen on the windows and other entrances. The thieves must do their work quickly. When the front door doesn’t budge, they will walk to the windows. If you offer the proper criminal camouflage such as the high walls, shrubbery, and trees, it, makes their work easier.

The solution is to light the sides of your house with motion sensor fixtures that light the area. Ensure you neatly trim your foliage. Fix your sliding doors and windows by installing jamming rods.

#3. The risky garage door

Garage doors are easy to open. They are big and visible from the streets. For the roll-up garage doors, the thief only needs a piece of wire that cracks the top of the door, and it pulls the emergency clutch. Also, there is enough room to hide in the garage should they want to do so.

Invest in a secure garage door made from reinforced steel or solid core wood. The side-mounted deadlocks should be accessible from the inside.

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