6 Ways to Transform Your Garden from Ordinary to Oasis

The trend toward creating stylish yet functional outdoor living spaces is stronger than ever. Many homeowners see the great value of this trend in elevating the quality of their life at home. Likewise, it goes perfectly well with a lot of folks’ pursuit of happiness in the great outdoors.

Outdoor Living Space

If you’re seriously considering this trend to harness the benefits it’s known to provide, there are many ways to go about it. Listed below are six popular ideas recommended by reputable landscaping company, Hennessey LLC for turning a garden into a beautiful oasis for homeowners. 

#1. Add a fire pit 

Clear space in your yard for a fire pit. Not only will you automatically create an outdoor feature that you can cook in, but it can also create the right ambience for the area. 

It’s important to note as well that a fire pit can actually contribute to the market value of your property

Perhaps the best thing about adding a fire pit to your garden is that you get a warm and cozy outdoor spot to spend a balmy evening in, regardless of whether you’re on your own or with other people. 

#2. Incorporate a water feature

A family swimming pool, a charming fountain, a little birdbath, or even a small pond will literally turn your garden into an oasis. It’s a source of physical comfort (for you and for any small creatures that pay a visit to your outdoor space) on a hot and humid day. 

The beauty of incorporating a water feature in your garden is that it can help achieve a balance of elements, especially if you also have a fire pit. And if you subscribe to the principles of feng shui, you get to make sure that the garden is a wonderful source of energy with the water and fire features present (especially if these features are placed properly in the landscape according to the laws of feng shui). 


#3. Shelter and shade

You can make your garden useful through the different hours of the day and even the changing seasons by incorporating a shelter and shade. Awnings, umbrellas, gazebos, lanais, and a canopy are all worth considering. 

These will allow you to use your garden maximally for outdoor entertaining or for your own relaxation anytime you want. Additionally, shelter and shade can bring a lot of personality to your garden. 

#4. Define spaces clearly

Create a good design for your garden by defining areas with vertical elements that frame spaces such as hedges, trees, raised garden beds, railings and others. If you wish to draw attention to the living area of your garden, consider a gazebo or a cabana-type sitting area.


#5. Lighting

This plays an important role in making the garden as visually pleasing as possible. From lamps to standing torches, to bistro string lights, to handmade luminaries – all these can highlight the beautiful features of the garden. At the same time,strategic lighting will make the outdoor space more inviting. 

It’s worth noting as well that lighting will make your garden a safe place. Crime prevention experts stress the fact that burglars do avoid homes that have external lighting all around. The illumination makes them and their activities very visible.

Therefore, when you add lighting to your garden, don’t think of it solely as a beautification feature because it can contribute to the safety of the entire property as well. 

#6. Accessorize 

Gardens appear more inviting, inspiring anyone who sees them to indulge in a few hours of relaxation, when they are creatively accessorized. Pull in colors and textures from your home’s design and architecture to achieve the look of continuity for the indoors and outdoors.

Hang plants, invest in outdoor furniture and a audio system (great to use for parties), and add wind chimes and garden art, for example. You’ll enjoy every moment you spend in your garden when it has little elements that you like and that bring you joy.

With a garden that is functional and fashionable, you will surely want to spend more time at home, which is a great thing (considering the cost of getting your res and relaxation elsewhere). Such a garden is  a delight to the eyes and it offers long-lasting enjoyment for the entire household.

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Rachel Hennessey manages the Pools and Landscaping Division of Hennessey LLC. She also works on Tender and Pre-Qualification and brings in new business to the company’s Construction, Interiors and Civils Division.

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