Take Your Interior Design to The Next Level with Oak Frames

With the new year comes that desire to change and improve things.  If you are planning to undertake a renovation or interior design project in the next couple of months, you will undoubtedly be looking for inspiration and ideas.  Bespoke oak framed designs have become increasingly popular over the last few years and it’s not really hard to see why.  Therefore, before you go ahead with any plans you might have in mind for enhancing the interior of your property or home, take a look at some of the reasons why we feel using oak frames could take the look and feel to another level.


1. Work gets done quicker

When you use oak frames in your interior design and renovation projects, you will find that work can be completed a lot quicker than it can use other materials.  What could be better than saving time on your project and seeing your designs and plans come to fruition quicker, as well as saving a considerable amount of money in the process?

2. Distinctive character

If you are looking to give your property’s interior a distinctive look and feel, then using oak frames will do this almost instantly.  Oak is also a material that will fit in well with other materials and won’t look out of place.  Even if your home has modern decor, the natural colours and textures of oak still shine through and merge well.

3. Robust and durable

One of the concerns you may have when planning any renovation work on the interior of your property is whether the materials you use will last long enough to make the cost of the work worthwhile.  When you use oak frames for this work, you can be sure it will last.  It means that rather than seeing the good workmanship crumble over time, the oak you have incorporated into your existing structure will stick around for a long time.  This will also help increase the value of your property.

4. Makes your property more eco-friendly

If you are particularly eco-conscious, then using oak frames in the interior of your property or a planned extension is a good choice.  This is especially true if you make sure the oak comes from a well-maintained and sustained source.  The biggest advantage from an environmental viewpoint of wood, and oak, in particular, is its natural ability to absorb CO2.  Therefore, by using oak, you will be helping to remove a considerable amount of carbon from the atmosphere, which is not only healthier for the environment, but you and your family too.


5. Adds a sense of space

Without needing internal structural walls that are often unsightly and unappealing, you can use an oak frame to make the interior of an extension open plan, thus adding more space without a compromise on the look and feel of the property.  Designing atriums, galleries and vaulted ceilings using oak frames can add drama and points of interest to the  interior of your home.

6. Versatility

One of the biggest and best ways in which oak frames can take the interior of your renovation project to a whole new level is just how versatile the material actually is.  It can be used in various ways, either as the main structure or combined with other materials such as glass and steel.  For instance, if the interior of your home or extension already has steel structures, oak frames can be designed to mask over these unattractive structural pieces to make your building feel more welcoming, comfortable and homely.

As you can see from the above, there are many different ways you can use oak and oak frames to elevate your interior design to new dizzy heights.  Even if you are not doing anything particularly out of the ordinary, the look and feel of natural oak can bring a touch of sophistication and nostalgia to your property’s interior.

Whether you are looking to have a Lovely Home Accents or modern home you want something that looks timeless, oak frames can be utilised to give you the interior you desire.  Just look at any one of the many completed projects there are out there that feature oak frames and you will see the real value of it.

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