Why You Should Choose the Marble Benchtops for Your Kitchen

When it comes to choosing the benchtop for your kitchen, you need to consider few things such as cost effectiveness, installation cost, durability, visual and style appearance and maintenance cost of it. Sometimes, you can find some stylish benchtops at low price, but their maintenance can be costly. Apart from that, recurrent replacement of the kitchen benchtop is also a headache for many homeowners. To avoid such issues, you can choose the marble benchtops for your kitchen. You can also install these benchtops outside of your house as marble usually does not get affected by climatic changes.

Kitchen Benchtop

Benefits of installing marble benchtops in the kitchen:

  • Marble is a softer material than other materials such as granite. Also, it is easy to clean marble benchtops.
  • You can easily customize the size of the benchtop and cut the marble as per your requirement. Apart from that, marble benchtops come in various colors and designs. So you can customize marble benchtops with your own kitchen design to suit the interior of it.
  • Marble has excellent heat resistant capacity and you can easily use it in your kitchen. Even commercial kitchens also use the marble benchtops due to its heat resistant feature.
  • Marble benchtops are expensive and you need to spend little extra for installing a new marble benchtop. But once you install the benchtop, you do not need to spend more for its maintenance.
  • Apart from that, you can also use the marble benchtops for outdoor use in your home. Also, you can install these benchtops in your garden and backyards to add more elegance.

How to maintain the marble benchtop?

Marble has some porous surface and it can accumulate or absorb juice spills and food ingredients. So after a certain time, marble benchtops become dull and to prevent this problem, you need to maintain them on regular basis.

Marble Benchtops

Some handy home remedies to maintain marble benchtops:

  • Cleaning agent: marble is a vulnerable material and in order to clean the stains from marble benchtop you need to use some non-abrasive cleaner. Do not use soap, detergent or any acidic cleaner on the marble and always choose the suitable cleaning agents for your marble benchtops. You should use those cleaning agents which do not contain citric acid, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. You can find some cleaning suctions in the departmental store which are only manufactured to clean marble.
  • Warm waterbefore you apply any cleaning agent on marble benchtops, you can dampen some cloth or sponge in warm water and clean the marble with it. The warm water will lighten the stains and help you clean the marble quickly. But do not use the tap water for this cleaning because tap water contains huge amount of chlorine and it can damage your marble benchtop. Use purified water for cleaning the marble benchtop.
  • Professional serviceafter a certain time, you need to hire professional cleaning service to maintain your marble benchtops and they will make use of some machines to clean your kitchen benchtops. But occasionally, you can use the turpentine oil for polishing the marble. After cleaning the marble benchtops with warm water and cleaning agents, you can just polish the marble with a few drops of turpentine oil. Else you can also use the paint thinner for polishing the marble.
  • DIY techniques: to clean the marble on regular basis, you can spread some baking soda on your marble benchtop, and scrub it for few minutes. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the marble benchtops can provide you better longevity and shine.

Apart from that, do not use the marble benchtop as chopping board, in order to prevent scratches and stains; always clean the marble after cooking.

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