8 Beautiful Textures Coating You Can Choose for Your Home Exterior

When a guest comes to your house the outer appearance happens to enlighten their minds and later the inner. It is not an easy task to keep our house walls well maintained.

Various kinds of texture coatings available in the market:

Here are the several types of texture coatings that are listed below which will help know what suits your wall texture better.

Texture Paint

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1. Premixed textured paint

This paint is used for common walls. The paint is already mixed and made ready for use. All you need to do is buy them from a store and utilize them. One negative point that this paint has is it does not give a very clear texture on your wall. You can use it to cover your ceilings or your compound walls as the texture will not be very visible from a distance.

2. Paint by self-mixing the ingredients

Normally everyone prefers using such paint. It works out reasonable. You can buy all the texture ingredients you require and mix the medium. While making use of such paint you can prepare the required amount painting solutions according to your needs. But only professional texture coating labors can mix these membranes and they can easily use the accurate paint on your walls. So, before you buy the raw materials for your texture coatings, you must consult with the professionals and they will assist you to choose the best quality texture coatings materials.

3. Smooth texture medium

This paint does not create any rough textures when you apply it on the walls. The paint does not peel off soon as this quality is thick and heavy. You will require using a trowel or a putty knife because a normal paint brush or roller will not let you do the work diligently.

4. Masonry Paint

This paint is available at the store for a reasonable price. It constitutes a composition like an emulsion. The paint is created in a way to last for an average period of two years. Although, this paint will not keep your walls protected and will not assure you any sort of protection for the dampness. It is advisable not to use it to paint the exterior walls. You can use some oil-based texture coatings on your exterior walls because they are rust proof and they will not get affected by rainwater.

Texture Coating

5. Pebbledash texture paint

This texture is used to add weatherproofing and cover the poor-quality bricks of the houses. If the houses are built with pebbledash materials these paints can be used to cover the rough surfaces and add beauty to the house.

6. Weatherproof wall coatings 

While designing your house you must have done it according to your budget allowance. Remember that paints do not give you the guarantee to protect your walls from seasonal changes like rain, snow, wind, hail, and pollution. While giving a finishing to your walls give it some weatherproof finishing.

7. Lace textures 

These textures are commonly used because it hides many imperfections in residential or commercial areas. It can be used on acrylic textures or can be sprayed on flat surfaces. You just need to apply two coats to make it look presentable. The texture is always fine, medium and has a coarse pattern.

8. Santa Barbara 

This texture helps you attain a smooth finish, but it utilizes many sand particles to attain the perfect look. It is created to resemble the vintage home styles. 

So now you can search these texture coating designs online and choose the best for your home improvement

While we choose the various kinds of texture coatings to re-polish our walls and these coatings can increase the aesthetic value of our home. Make a good investment on texture coatings once and you do not have to worry about the next 5-10 years.

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