5 Great Benefits of Installing Quartz Worktops in Your Kitchen

Going for a new worktop is a great way to gift your kitchen a new life. For worktops, stone is one of the most preferred materials for kitchens and among them, Quartz worktops are said to be the most trusted and one of the most popular ones that more and more people are choosing recently.

Quartz Worktops

Professionals opine that there is nothing that adds more functionality and beauty to the kitchen than the quartz worktops. They not only mimic the appearance of the expensive materials like marble but they are also more functional and easy-to-maintain.

There are several reasons why the quartz worktops are said to be the most preferred materials for kitchen. Here an attempt is made to bring to you the various benefits that make quartz material the most coveted one. Just read on.

Quartz countertops: top 5 key for your kitchen

#1. Low maintenance

You should just wipe with a soapy washcloth for maintaining the shine of your kitchen quartz worktop. This is something that you will hardly find in other countertops. This easy-maintenance is the most significant reason why quartz worktops happen to be one of the most preferred ones.

#2. Innumerable options of colours

Quartz undergoes an engineering process for making it suitable for your kitchen countertops. They can be produced in a plethora of colour options during this procedure. Thus, you are spoilt for options in case of quartz worktops to go with your kitchen milieu. If you go for the natural marble or granite your options will be limited with the natural stone colour.

#3. Hard wearing and low porosity

The kitchen milieu can be quite tough on the kitchen surface. Everything starting from heavy crockery and knives to hot pans can have the potential for damaging the worktops. The durability and high strength of the stone walls allow it to withstand the frequent wear and tear making this area well-suited for the high-use area of the home. As a result of that, the likelihood of the cracks, chips and scratches are reduced leaving the worktops with a great finish. Apart from that, excellent stain resistance is provided by quarts as it is created by a mixture of chemical resins and natural stone. This is an added advantage as it is a highly coveted feature in the food prep areas where there can be a high amount of spillages. Thus, they are naturally resistant to stains and scratches.

Kitchen Worktops

#4. Awesome durability

Granite is said to be the most long-lasting material for worktop. But if there is anything that puts up a tough competition before it then it is quartz. In fact, quartz is more resilient to damages and minor cracks and that makes it a great choice for the kitchens.

#5. Easy to clean

Quartz happens to be a non-porous material. So you do not have to worry about stains seeping deep into the surface of the new kitchen countertops.  If you spill the quartz countertops you should simply blot the stain with a damp washcloth. You can use a towel to dry it later on. You also do not have to give a thought about whether anyone is using coasters or not. This is because the stains are not created on quartz worktops with condensation water drips. Unlike the marble kitchen worktop, quartz worktops are stain-proof. That is why it is such a popular material for the worktop.

The above are some of the major benefits of installing quartz worktops in your kitchen<. These are the perks that make quartz stand out and immensely popular among users. They not only make lives easy but also enhance the property value to a great extent.  That is why quartz is one of the most coveted worktop materials today. 

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