Reasons that Make Concrete Render Finish a Popular Option

Everybody wants his/her home to have the best visual appeal. As such, renovation is needed for every house after some point of time. Concrete render finish is the new age renovation policy that can make your house look fancy and presentable. Renovation not only changes the look of your house but also makes it long-lasting and durable. The house should be renovated keeping the aesthetics in mind.

You can choose from the many rendering methods available in the market nowadays. These include acrylic, texture, white set to name a few. Rendering gives a completely new look to your house. So, let us provide you with more details on this.

Concrete Render Finish

Why should the exterior of your house undergo concrete render finish?

There are several reasons that add to the list of benefits offered by concrete render finish. To keep the house safe, it is very important for the outside walls to get rendered. Several beneficial reasons are:

  • Rendering gives an all new look to your house. It makes your house more appealing and stylish. Rendering can work on any materials, be it bricks or concrete.
  • The outer surface walls of any building are always exposed to the harsh elements of the nature. For example, it must endure direct sunlight, snowfall, heavy rainfalls, etc. Rendering helps keep the walls protected from all the harshness of the weather and keeps it unaffected for years together.
  • Rendering is widely applied because of its insulation property. Rendering helps keep your buildings warmer from inside during the cold chilly winters and cool during the scorching summers. This will result in cutting electricity costs too.
  • Due to heavy rainfall during the monsoons, it is common for the plaster from the walls to get peeled off and become prone to dampness. Rendering your outer walls will protect the house from dampness and become resistant to cracking off.
  • Everyone tends to invest only in those areas that provide the best returns. Rendering your house will keep it intact for longer, thus cutting down on your recurring monetary expenses.

Without any doubt, it is important for any commercial or residential building to undergo rendering finishes with the help of skilled labourers. There are many companies that provide rendering services, but you must choose the ones that specialise in concrete rendering services.

What proportion of concrete and mortar is needed to make the perfect concrete render finish?

This is the easiest ‘do it yourself’ project, if you follow the basic steps and keep important criteria in mind. To get the perfect concrete render finish, you need to get the mix correct. The mix can be perfected by adding cement and mortar in correct proportions. Few basic steps are as stated below:

  • Concrete is well-known for its water retaining capacity, thus you need to have less concrete and more water. It is likely for concrete to dry up fast, so it is advisable to begin your work early in the morning when the heat isn’t harsh. It is preferable to avoid work during late afternoon.
  • Even if the mixture is being applied on the outer walls, always use clean fresh water for the mixture. The mixture shouldn’t be too watery as that would take many days to dry and stiffen. Adding more water would eventually result in leakage.
  • If rendering is being done to footpaths and garden’s walking pathway, then it is necessary to add more cement compared to the quantity of sand. Needless to say, never compromise on the quality of both the materials.

Besides the traditional concrete rendering, you can also choose from acrylic rendering where polymers and sand mixers are used for coating.

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