What You Need to Know about Maintaining Your Outdoor Roller Blinds?

Did anyone ever tell you that one of the easiest and budget friendly ways to give a completely new-look to your lovely home is by renovating the furnishings? Whether you choose to add a fabric curtain or a blind to a place, it can completely change its look.
There are several factors that you must keep in mind when you are making a final choice between the two for your window treatment needs. These factors can be budget, theme of the place, and size & location of the window. While curtains can provide warmth to any place, the outdoor roller blinds can add a contemporary look to it. Curtains are available in different types of fabrics, prints and colors but most outdoor roller blinds come in simple designs and concepts.
Whatever your choice is, here are some valuable tips to maintain your outdoor roller blinds.
Outdoor Roller Blinds

Some tips to maintain Outdoor Roller Blinds:

  1. Once you have blinds installed, whether at home or office, make it a point to clean them regularly with a soft cotton cloth. This will prevent the dust from collecting on blinds and turning into stains. After dusting them with a dry and a clean cloth, you can end the process by wiping them with a damp cloth. Remember to wipe in a single direction.
  2. Ask the supplier of your blinds if you can submerge the blinds in water. If yes, use lukewarm water and a very mild cleaner (harsh cleaners can damage the fabric, colors or patterns of the blinds) to wash your blinds occasionally (as and when required). If the blinds cannot be cleaned with too much of water, you must make it a point to spot clean them regularly to prevent stubborn stains from forming on them.
  3. Using a vacuum cleaner is one of the best options to clean and maintain your outdoor roller blinds for their longevity. These machines are not too harsh on the material they clean, and they still suck away all the dust, leaving behind a spotless surface. Use them on a regular basis and specially before washing your blinds with water.
  4. While bleaching is not suggested for a number of fabrics, there are a few of them that can do fairly well with bleach. This helps to remove tough stains which if not treated can damage the fabric itself. If your blinds are colorful, it is recommended to choose color safe bleach that is also safe on fabrics. Bleaching is a great substitute to using a brush on the tough stains. If you need to use a brush, use the one that has very soft bristles or a tooth brush instead.
  5. Ensure not to keep anything around a outdoor roller blind. This ensures a free and unrestricted movement of the blinds and keeps them running smoothly for a long time.
  6. Apart from all the above mentioned tips that help to maintain the longevity of your outdoor roller blinds, remember to read the instructions manual that comes with them. If it is to be operated manually, make it a point to hold the chain with both your hands while handling them and give the blinds a small pull every time. If they are motorized, ensure there is power, and the machinery is maintained well too.
As a buyer, it is very easy to buy one of the best blinds that are available in the market, but the real challenge begins once they are installed and need regular maintenance. Hope the above-mentioned tips help you to maintain your new buy and keep them looking like new forever.

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