5 Reasons for Hiring an Emergency Plumber

Normally, plumbing systems function properly, but sometimes you may face sudden issue in your plumbing lines. You may sometimes face trouble with your shower system or you may encounter some other problems such as blockage in toilet, overflowing sink and leakage in plumbing lines or tree root problems in your underground plumbing channels. In such cases, you need to call an emergency plumber because they are professionally trained, and they can easily solve your plumbing issue within a short period. Many people try to fix their home plumbing issue with their DIY techniques, but when the plumbing issue reaches an emergency level, you need to hire a professional plumber to solve the same.


#5 common situations when you need an emergency plumber

1. clogged shower drains:

It is a common plumbing issue that may become a big problem at some point in time. Hair and soap scum can easily accumulate inside the drain and they can block your shower drain. In this case, you can use plunger to plug out the deposited garbage, or you can pour hot water to drain out the waste from your shower drainage system. In any case, if you are not able to clear the clogged areas of your shower drain then you must call an emergency plumber to resolve it.

2. Clogged toilet:

clogged toilet is a common problem and there are many reasons behind this situation. Sometimes, children play with their small toys in the bathroom and they throw their toys in the toilet to watch them swim or disappear. Apart from that, some household plastic items or toiletries can easily block your toilet. Hair products, storage containers, body cleaners, shampoo pouches, and even your cell phone can fall in the toilet. So, to avoid such situations, you need to use proper dustbin and cabinets inside the toilet or bathroom. But still, if you find the issue inside the toilet, then do not try to solve this by your DIY skills and call an emergency plumber to solve the problem.

3. Overflowing bathroom sink:

like your shower drain, bathroom sink can also be blocked due to the accumulation of hair and soap scum. Personal care products and toothpaste are the most common things which can clog your sink and you can find the overflowing sink in the morning. In this case, you can call the emergency plumber and they can easily clear the sink drain with their advanced tools.

Emergency Plumber

4. Tree root problems:

This is a major concern for homeowners because you cannot find the roots easily. Tree roots can easily attract toward the moisture of your underneath drainage system and they can penetrate into the underground pipelines. In this case, you need to excavate the areas to find out the exact clogged portions or you can get the pipe relining done to solve the issue. An emergency plumber can easily identify the exact clogged location with his underground CCTV camera and can clear your drainage system within short time.

5. Wet yard:

Did you notice a small wet spot in your yard or have ever observed the foul smell there?  Probably there are some leakages in your underground drainage system. If you do not repair, it on immediate basis then it can connect with your water lines and your house water will get contaminated with the drainage water. So, call an emergency plumber to solve the issue and they are the licensed professionals who can easily repair any leakages in your drainage lines as well as water channels.

Before you call an emergency plumber, you should stop the water supply to prevent further property damage. Apart from that, you must check the license, insurance papers, customer reviews and experience level of the plumber before hiring. Search online and choose the best plumbing services from your locality.

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