5 Services Your Trusty Antenna Company Can Also Do for You

One-stop shop. All-around expert. Jack-of-all-trades.

These are words that you usually look for when looking for a service provider that can address the one hundred and one things you need to do at home.

When you find one that does a myriad of things that help make your home life easier and more convenient, then you certainly found a gem that you would like to cherish for life.


Service solutions for home improvement

Moments such as moving into a new place, setting up the house after a renovation, or building your new nest after getting a job promotion or building a family will usually require you to enlist the help of other people.

Having family and friends lend you a helping hand is well and good but there are times and instances when you need a professional to get the work done. More often, having specialists render you their expert service will save you time and resources (and a lot of headaches) since they get the job done right the first time.

House of entertainment and information

When you move in or fix up your new space, you would most likely also set up items that will make your home life more fun and exciting. Not only that, you would also most probably want to stay connected to the outside world.

For these reasons, a typical homeowner would want a TV and Internet hooked up. These are not only for recreational purposes but can also be useful tools for business, personal communication, and even safety and security.

Having a digital television, phones, and internet-ready computer can provide a multitude of infotainment options that will keep you well-informed and well-entertained within the confines of your abode.

However, it is not always easy to have these things installed. At the same time, you usually have to call several different suppliers to do a certain service, and doing so can take up so much of your time and energy. It can also cost you a lot of money.

TV Antenna

All-in-one answer to installation problems

No one can really blame you if you are crossing your fingers and praying for an all-around service provider. Having an all-in-one service company that can do a variety of things with great care and expertise can be such a lifesaver especially during those times you need an extra pair of hands to turn your home into a livable place.

Having just one reputable company who can do antenna installations and other services such as TV mounting, hooking up your computer, or prepping your phone line can certainly bring you a lot of relief.

Aside from installing antennas, here are some of the complementary services that your trusty neighbourhood antenna company can also do for you:

#1. Data point installation and repair

In today’s fast-paced and highly connected world, an internet connection is a crucial aspect in every home. Not only can you be kept apprised on the latest and greatest in this century, you can also be connected with your loved ones who are far away with applications such as video conferencing and social media.

Hence, you will want to have your computer hooked to the Net and your local antenna installer can also do data point installation so you can be connected to the worldwide web properly and securely.

Sure, every Tom, Dick, and Harry can claim to be able to set your data points up for you but don’t be fooled.  There are regulations, theory and on-the-job training, and legislated standards that need to be observed. Make sure that you go for licensed technicians who will correctly install data point outlets, move existing outlets, and identify the best method of data delivery to give you the most efficient connection.

Data cabling services may also be provided so you can churn out the highest level of productivity from your home office. 

#2. Digital tv installation

When you’ve decided to switch to digital TV but do not know how to use it or set it up, turn your worries over to digital TV specialists.

Aside from being seasoned antenna installation experts, these skilled technicians also have the experience and expertise in setting up your digital TV properly so you won’t have to put up with bad TV reception anymore. 

Their vast knowledge and cost-saving techniques by utilising a range of digital set-top boxes will ensure that your every requirement is addressed. Your analog system can also be upgraded using the latest in cabling techniques, connectors, and digital TV antennas to enhance your viewing pleasure.

#3. Home theater setup

Whether you want a dedicated room to entertain friends or simply to spend quality time with family (or yourself) to sit back, relax, and watch your favourite TV program or movie, a home theater system can be a boon that is worth your investment.

Fitting your house with this entertainment system can be a daunting task, as you will need to consider a lot of things. However, you will avoid unnecessary stress when you entrust the installation to a professional.

Specialising in home theater setup, these technicians can adeptly install the projector and projector screen, mount custom wall plates and speakers, and even hide those messy cables.

#4. Phone line installation and repair

Take advantage of the extensive know-how and on-the-job training expertise of licensed phone installers. Since it is a regulated industry, you would do well to call on qualified professionals to give you a proper evaluation of your existing phone points or give you sound advice on where to place new lines for optimum performance.

When you want your devices such as computers, smart TVs and phone to be connected but cannot abide the messy cabling, you can rely on you your one-stop service company to conduct the installation of phone lines in the best location in your home.

TV Antenna Signal Booster

#5. Tv antenna signal booster

If your TV reception is fuzzy, pixelated, or drops out at the most inopportune moments while watching your favourite show, you may need to install a TV antenna.

If you really have no clue as to what is causing the reception problems or what TV antenna to buy, call your nearest antenna specialist and he/she can conduct a free signal test and obligation free quote.

Depending on your needs, these antenna experts can help you with new antenna systems, existing antenna repairs, diagnosis of reception issues, cabling of new houses at lock-up stage, and other such concerns.

Be service savvy

When you consult with your antenna specialist, it wouldn’t hurt if you ask them if they can also provide you with a list of other related services. This will save you a lot of worries as they are experts in these fields and will render you an excellent job for their roster of services.


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