Advantages of Using Steel Over Wood in Construction

There are numerous advantages of using steel for home construction and they may be a bit too complex to even explain properly in a given article. But to explain it in simple words you can break these into numerous broad categories. You will find stainless steel suppliers everywhere as this is one material that is omnipresent and is now being favoured for its cost, versatility and looks among so many other factors.

Steel for Construction

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It is always better to have an in-depth understanding about this material so that we get to know the reason behind its popularity among the construction companies. They are:

Top 5 advantages of steel

#1. It is strong

When we think about steel we take it to be identical to strength and durability. When it is used as a raw material given by stainless steel suppliers it has a high tensile strength and amazing strength to weight ratio. It just means that the product that you will use for construction is not going to bend, twist or snap apart even under great pressure. It is a metal with high heat tolerance and is thus non-combustible. It will not rot. Stainless steel suppliers provide the right kind of products that will not bow down to corrosion or bugs. It is a very reliable material and needs less maintenance than most other products.

#2. It is sustainable

The widespread use of wood for the creation of most of the household products, and it is used during the construction too! It is the biggest reason for global warming of the earth. We need to realize the importance of our trees and need to plant more in order to save our planet. If you use wood for construction, it will require heavy maintenance and is also unsustainable whereas, steel is the best option during construction and offers a practical solution. Steel can easily be recycled. It can be melted again to be reshaped into other forms of product and hence re-used. You thus will not need to dig earth for driving out metal etc. making steel a cost-effective solution for many companies around the world.

#3. It is affordable

When you consider the durability and sustainability of steel, it is an extremely affordable option.

When you look at the sustainability and durability of the material, you also need to see that it is the most affordable option and hence stainless steel suppliers are in great demand. Raw steel is cheap and manufacturing and fabrication use less labour these days owing to the technology-based production technique in place. Steel is a metal that will last forever and does not require much maintenance. It is easy to transport and saves money of the delivery charges.

 #4. It is versatile

Architects and construction companies love to work with steel due to its malleability. In short, the product provided by the stainless steel suppliers is customizable. The strength to weight ratio of steel is such that it is possible to span over great distances to create large and open spaces. Steel is a material that can easily be textured to provide a great finish to the product.

#5. It is worker friendly

Another reason why steel has won the hearts of builders that it is so easy to work with. You can have steel designed and cut to almost any shape, it is light and therefore easy to transport, and unlike wood, steel doesn’t need to be treated with harmful pesticides, preservatives or glues, making it a lot less toxic.

This may be the best one of all.  This is because it has won the hearts of many workers all around the globe. It is simple to work with. It can be cut into any form, it is light and easy to transport. It is less toxic than most other materials. The construction site is not at all dusty and remains quiet.

If you are thinking about using steel for construction purpose, then think no more. Get in touch with a reliable stainless steel supplier.

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