How to Refresh Your Old Concrete Patio

 A great-looking, well-maintained concrete patio can be a wonderful asset to any outdoor space. But if you have an old, unsightly patio, it can have a huge negative impact on your home’s exterior aesthetics.

However, you don’t need to have your old concrete patio demolished and have a new one constructed to have a functional and attractive outdoor feature. By rejuvenating the patio’s old floor surface through concrete sealers and protection and a bit of touching up, you can bring this outdoor area back to life.

Concrete Patio

Here are some useful tips on how to give your old patio the makeover it needs:

#1. Recondition the surface

For your patio renovation project, start by improving the concrete surface. You can do this by having the concrete resurfaced.

The most highly recommended resurfacing methods for patios are:

1. Concrete staining:

This option involves a concrete stain being applied to the surface. Concrete stains come in different colors that can be mixed and matched. The surface will require some preparation as the colors are translucent, so it is important to get advice from an experienced applicator. Once prepared correctly, the product can be applied directly to concrete or as a decorative accent to other paved exteriors.

An acid-stained kitchen floor. Or maybe a newly sprayed and troweled acrylic coating on a pool deck. Whatever type of refinishing or resurfacing service was done on the floor, it would be useless without proper concrete sealing Every contractor recommends sealing floors , both indoor and out. It may seem like another thing to spend on. But with the huge benefits that come with it, every penny spent is definitely worth it.

Concrete lifting via polyurethane foam injection is less expensive than replacing sunken concrete, and you can walk on the slab as soon as the repair is done. Slabjacking is a cost-effective method of leveling concrete slabs, including sidewalks, walkways, pool decks, and driveways. It’s less expensive than replacing the concrete and because it’s a minimally-invasive procedure, cleaning up is easy.

Concrete staining will give your old patio a new color and appearance and, as such, is a good start to enhancing its overall look.

2. Spray on concrete resurfacing or overlay:

After careful preparation, a special polymer enhanced spray coat can be applied over old and tired concrete. There are a wide range of innovative and exciting finishes available, ranging from a sandstone tiled look through to subtle color flecks. An extensive selection of colors and stencil designs can be incorporated making your options virtually limitless.

3. Concrete polishing:

During this process, a machine is used to grind back and polish the existing concrete slab. You can choose the texture from matte to super shiny. The polished surface can then be sealed with a penetrating concrete sealer.

Concrete polishing is an inexpensive and sustainable resurfacing option since it will make use of the existing concrete. Polished concrete is now one of the most popular indoor and outdoor patio flooring options because of its inherent modern appeal and charm.

Regardless of the resurfacing option you choose, you should consider having the concrete surface sealed. Applying the right kind of sealer to the concrete surface offers several advantages. The most important benefit it delivers is that sealing enhances the appearance of concrete since it adds luster and richness to the concrete surface.

Sealing or resealing the surface also protects it from severe and sudden changes in weather conditions. The seal also makes washing, cleaning and maintaining the floor much easier.


#2. Add more dimension to the patio

Give your patio a more defined look by adding some half walls or having a fireplace or fire pit built in the area. These fixtures will transform your patio into a more comfortable, complete, and interesting “outdoor room.”

You can also consider adding a pergola over the patio to enclose the space. This fixture will make your patio look newer, too. Additionally, you can use the pergola to support other elements such as vines and ambient lighting to further enhance the appeal of your outdoor room. 

#3. Refurbish old furniture and/or add new ones

If your old wooden patio furniture looks old and worn, sand and paint them to make them more appealing and conducive to use. For plastic furniture, enhance their appearance by using spray paint formulated for plastic.

In case you want to buy new chairs or a sofa, pick out benches that include storage underneath. They have a double-purpose and, at the same time, will give your patio a sleek new look.

If you don’t have any outdoor cabinets or shelves, consider getting one or two for

your patio as well. These fixtures will help keep your outdoor room organized and free from clutter. Adding new outdoor pillows and an exterior rug will also make your patio more stylish and cozy.

Outdoor Patio

#4. Add more plants

Turn your patio into a more pleasing outdoor room by adding more colorful plants. Place container plants in and around the patio. Grow colorful native perennials so that your outdoor room will be colorful all year round. Inject more colors every season by growing some seasonal plants as well.

You can also grow herbs in containers on the patio so that you will always have a supply of your favorite aromatic plants. They will add fragrance to your outdoor space as well.

#5. Install new lighting fixtures

Lastly, keep the patio safe and functional at night by placing lighting in suitable areas such as above the table or seating area and walkway.  You will have various outdoor lighting options to choose from so you won’t have any difficulties finding the right fixture for your new outdoor room

With a refurbished patio, you will have a new outdoor entertainment and dining area in your property perfect for gatherings or get-togethers with your family and friends.

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