5 Must Have Collections for Your Home

“Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.” – Erin Flett, Homeowner

Why do we collect? Collecting is a passion, it’s an ideal way to reminisce memories and look back. Sometimes people forget and go but memories remain. Collection is not only about the memories but the sentiment as well. Others inspire themselves by collecting stuff. So why not start collecting and keeping things instead of throwing it away? Fill your house with your story through the things you love to save and gather.

5 ultimate collection for your home

Need some help? Think about it and what you should collect? Here are 5 ultimate collection you must have at home:

#1. Magazines

They contain different contents and inspires you by the international issues tackled. Most magazines usually involve Hollywood stars and events so it attracts every reader. Magazines will help us inform and entertain by its articles and captured events. It’s a beautiful array if you have a collection of these and organise them in a creative manner.

Home Collection

#2. Books

Books are our companion especially during leisure times. To ease your boredom and got nothing to do at home, take a pick of your compiled books. Have a collection of inspirational and educational books at home. These stuff will give us more knowledge and improve our vocabularies and comprehension skills. If you’re not a book lover and you hate reading materials then that’s fine. It doesn’t mean that you need to read all the books you have. By having a collection of your favorite books it adds story to your home.

Photo Album

#3. Inspirational photo album

Unlike those typical albums you have at home make yours an inspirational one! Photo albums contain photos and events which we printed out and placed in an album. Make it as inspirational as it can be. Have a collection or an album of places you’ve been to or photos of your favourite artists or whatever you like. Mount these beside your pictures and put captions. Something that would remind you by reading those lines and don’t forget to be creative!

#4. Wardrobe recollection

We cannot deny the fact that we are sometimes not contented with what we have. We always want to have different outfits, whenever and wherever. Some also wants to have different styles everyday and mostly, we always have a favourite pair of shoes to wear, jeans or tops. To make a recollection of your clothes and instead of giving them away place them in one wardrobe.

Some of us attend a lot of events and it’s a big deal because we worry  what to wear. Some would rent gowns or have gowns made by renowned designers for a specific event. If you can afford to buy an outfit or pay for a customisation, then that’s better and after wearing it just hang it in your closet and wear it next when the gown or dress fits the occasion.

Wardrobe Recollection

#5. Footwear compilation

It’s good to see how many footwear you can compile a year. Challenge yourself to compile all desired footwear you’re ever longing. Also, in this manner you discipline yourself to arrange them in a way that it is pleasant to look at. Instead of placing your footwear in the stockroom that are of no longer use, compile them. Every time you look at these stuff you can relive the moment when and where you used them

Isn’t it amazing? By these 5 ultimate collections at home, you have your story to tell! It is something that you should do for yourself. Start your collection now and fill your house with a beautiful story to share!

About the Author: Katie Jones is the article editor of DRDRiP Plumbing. Sharing useful tips regarding house maintenance, saving money, and plumbing is her way of helping homeowners have a better insight in home improvement. Katie focuses more on giving out easy home improvement guides for anyone to follow. You might also be interested to know about clearing a clogged toilet, learn some awesome tips.

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