All You Need to Know About Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a mixture of resin and hardener which is strong plastic material that can be used in commercial applications. Epoxy flooring lasts longer than other types of flooring system and only concrete can beat it in terms of durability. Nowadays, two-layer commercial epoxy flooring are available to give you a high gloss slip resistant finish. If you are looking to change your existing flooring system then you should choose epoxy flooring system because it will give your home an appealing look and it is highly durable and customizable.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

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7 types of epoxy flooring used in homes:

There are different kinds of Epoxy flooring used nowadays. If you are not sure which one to choose from, here are a few options that you have in your hands:

#1. Self-levelling epoxy floors:

This type of epoxy flooring system is used to repair the cracked and damaged concrete. With the help of self-levelling Epoxy flooring system, professionals create a levelled texture on your surface. You can choose from different colours available in the market to give a shiny and seamless look. These are best suitable for residential places. If you want best flooring then without wasting much time you should install self-levelling epoxy floors.

#2. Quartz-filled epoxy floors:

It is a mixture of stained quartz grains and polymer resin. Quartz-filled epoxy floors are best suitable to install in areas that require slip-resistant and sanitary properties. You can install this flooring system in cafeterias, restrooms, lobbies, schools, and more.

#3. Epoxy flake floors:

The coloured flake substances are fitted in the epoxy to give a shiny and pleasant look to your floors. It will give you a seamless look with subtle groves to remove the falls and slips. These floors can be seen in sports venues, clinics and locker rooms etc. They are available in different colours and styles and you can buy according to your requirements.

#4. Epoxy mortar floors:

It is one of the best epoxy flooring systems available for use. Being made up of pure solid epoxies, these are best suitable for areas that are chemically resistant. You can use this epoxy floor to repair the existing cracks and damages. These can be normally seen in warehouses, manufacturing industries and mechanical areas.

Epoxy Flooring

#5. Anti-static epoxy floors:

These are known as Electro-Static charge (ESD) Resistant floors. You should be aware that ESD is harmful to our environment. So, to remove the ESD effect from the environment these anti-static floors can be installed in your home. It has conductive compound which consumes static energy. You can see these floors in chemical and pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare facilities. The aim of these floors is to protect from flammable gases so that you will be free from any risk of combustible dust.

#6. Gravelled epoxy flooring:

This is one of the most beautiful flooring systems available to install. You can customize gravelled flooring as much as you can. It is mainly used to make brand logos to a floor. Its popularity is nowadays increasing due to its customization feature.

#7. Epoxy concrete flooring:

We know that epoxy is widely used in the concrete flooring industry. It will act as a concrete cover and protector and will protect your floor slab.

After reading the above article, you can understand that epoxy flooring is best suitable to use if you want long lasting surface that can protect the environment from various harmful chemicals. If you want an amazing entrance to your home then you should install commercial epoxy flooring at your home in order to get an aesthetic look.

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