11 Things to Avoid in Achieving a Minimalist Home

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Minimalism is one of the most sought-after interior design trends at the moment, but it can be a little tricky to achieve. Minimalism involves a certain level of responsibility–you depend on simplicity and importantly forbid the presence of clutter and mess which can be difficult if you aren’t a naturally tidy person.

This is one of the main reasons why it can be hard to go through a transition in your home from one style of decor to minimalism. Bear in mind that before you make any changes, you will have to re-purchased furniture, throw out needless stuff, invest in smart storage opportunities, keep out of sight your kid’s toys and exercise equipment.

In this article, we reveal to you these strict rules that you might want to follow. We have listed the list of things that you would never find in a minimalist home such as, decors, cushions, types of plants, and the like. So, keep on reading!

Flamboyant rugs

If you’re familiar with Moroccan or Persian style rugs, anything from floral, check or striped patterns, and shaggy designs that overpower spaces and draw the eye. A minimalist home should go for the simple, complementary, and neutral in color.

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Flowering plants

Having some plants are a great choice for garden beds and home entrances, but sometimes it can give your home a cluttered look when used as decor. If you have planters and shrubs, it’s better that you place it outside and replace with a more minimalist plant such as rubber plants or fiddle leaf figs. You can also try succulents for your lovely home.

Conflicting cushions

In minimalism, the key in everything is cohesion. It doesn’t mean that your cushions don’t have to match exactly, you just need to have an overall color scheme or pattern that will create uniformity.

Messy area

Although you’ll probably want a place of art at your home where you like to highlight vases, books, and collectibles–it will just create a space that feels occupied. It’s best that you keep accessories out of sight like remotes, equipment, ornaments, and store it after use.

Complicated patterns

This is quite an obvious one since you might already understand that you won’t be seeing a lot of floral patterns, whether that’s floral patterned chairs, sofas, wallpapers, and everything that draw the eye unnecessarily.

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Choose patterns in small portions or in oversized doses, these will work well in minimalist spaces. Try to avoid tight and busy patterns as they tangle the space.

All-over carpet

You may find it difficult to style a minimalist home if you will incorporate dated carpet. You might want to keep the minimalist style to clean wood or tiled flooring.

Plenty of colors

When it comes to decorations, the easiest technique you can do is to build a neutral base and then establish soft and harmonious colors such as deep blues, blush pinks, forest greens. If you have too many colors competing in one place it can bring confusion to the design.

Unnecessary household and kitchen accessories

We know that you need these things, but household products such as cleaning spray, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid must be kept out of the side and keep them in order.

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For your kitchen items like barbecue tongs, slicers, measuring cups, and the like should be kept well in drawers and cupboards to keep that minimalism vibe.

Cluttered wires, cable or phone lines

Most modern homes that have a minimalist design make sure that they apply smart hacks in making sure that their phone wires, TV cords, and chargers are not messing up space.

Unused decors

You may want to start replacing items in your house that no longer serve a purpose and don’t match with your style such as your vase of fake flowers or the hat stand you don’t use with functional and useful alternatives.

Neon variety

Avoid distracting bright colors that are very overpowering such as the colors of the neon variety. Actually, there is no problem if you want to pop some color in your minimalist home. Just make sure that you always go for the softer shade that has that relaxing vibe.

About the author: Ivandrea Ollero is a daytime writer for Wincrest Bespoke Luxury Home Builders, one of Australia’s outstanding home builders that creates luxury and unique houses like no other. Ivandrea gives out recommendations for exquisite home designs and services.

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