Remove Stumps This Winter and Plant Saplings This Spring

A home and property are a major investment which means maintaining a home and the property it is on is extremely important. There are many practical and aesthetic benefits to having trees on your property and pruning, caring for the tree’s soil, and proper watering are all ways to keep trees healthy. Sometimes proper tree care means planting new saplings and sometimes it means removal of ill, dying, or dead trees along with their stumps – it’s all part of the circle of life!

Once it is decided that a tree and its stump need to be removed, stump removal processes will need to be considered. Removing the whole stump is one option. This procedure removes the entire stump and root but leaves a large hole which will need to be filled in; this option can be costly, but at times is necessary.

Cut Tree

Another option is the use of a stump grinder, preferably operated by a certified arborist. This procedure grinds the whole stump down into smaller pieces which can be used as mulch or ground cover. Once the stump is ground down below the surface it is covered with dirt and for many reasons, hiring an arborist with a stump grinder to remove a stump is an environmentally friendly and economical way to deal with the problem.

However, if a new tree will be planted right where the former tree was located the whole stump and root should be removed to make planting easier. Removing stumps provides room for new saplings to be planted. You may want to hire professional arborists this summer to advise you on what kind of trees will thrive on your property and where it would be best to plant them – clearing old dead trees and bringing in a crop of saplings can be extremely satisfying.

Planting saplings strategically around the property can add tremendous value. Not only do trees provide beauty, there are also many practical perks to planting and having healthy trees: trees provide shade for cooling off as well as slowing evaporation down from a freshly watered lawn. They also prevent erosion and fruit trees can provide abundant amounts of food for you and your family.

Green Trees

Pruning large trees can be dangerous – hiring a professional to handle tree care is the safe way to handle this aspect of property maintenance. Professionals possess the necessary tools, the knowledge, and are trained in safe rigging methods and environmentally friendly techniques. ISA certification is something to look for when shopping for a tree professional; issued by the International Society of Arboriculture, certification is earned at different levels by having a minimum of 3 years of full-time experience working in the tree-care industry.

Keeping your trees healthy and thriving is a great way to care for the environment. Carbon sinks are systems found in nature that absorb and keep carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Trees naturally do this and the more trees there are the more carbon dioxide is stored up in carbon sinks. Keeping trees healthy allows a person to feel good about the investment they are making in their home, all while helping the environment.

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