9 Enhancing Features to Consider When Remodeling Your Swimming Pool

Isn’t it relaxing imagining yourself by the side of your pool with a cold drink and a book in hand? If you are planning to remodel or renovate your swimming pool, there are countless possibilities for adding pool features and enhancements you can consider. Incorporating additional features to your swimming pool area will enhance and customize your backyard environment also. Some of the smallest changes can make a difference if you remodel your pool. These features not only will add enjoyment to your swimming pool experience, but also add value to your lovely home. If you want to know more, then keep on reading!

Swimming Pool

Water features

Adding a number of water features to your swimming pool during a pool remodel can improve the whole backyard environment. Having a water feature lets you enjoy the soothing sound and the sparkling sight of falling water.


The perfect complement to a lagoon style or free-form pools is a creative waterfall. This is a great visual interest and adds beauty to more standard shapes. You can opt for natural-stone waterfall made with stones accumulated from your region of the country with water flowing over them into your pool. Look for companies that offer natural-looking artificial stone waterfalls for a fraction of the price of natural stones.

You may add a full rock wall complete with streaming water to one end of your pool and enjoy the impression of relaxing at the foot of a mountain. If you like to add a romantic feature, you may create a private rock cave unseen behind your new waterfall. To make your cave even more appealing, you can add underwater seating ledges.

Fountain bubblers

Fountain bubblers are fairly inexpensive and would be perfect if you have kids at your home. These bubblers extend upward like mini-geysers and are usually constructed into a pool’s shallow sun ledge.

Deck jets

Another fun water feature you can consider are deck jets as they shoot streams of water from the deck to the pool, but be sure to place them properly to function well. If you like to be a little extra, you can get dramatic with laminar jets. They give a solid flow of bubble-free water plus you can add color by illuminating them with fiber-optics. You can install wind sensors in case of water splashes onto walkways and other areas. These sensors are helpful to shut off the jets when winds go over 5 mph.


A water slide is probably the best addition you can have for your pool. It will give your pool landscape the experience of a water park in your backyard. Plus, it can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Modern swimming pool slides today come in different sizes and shapes. You can choose a straight quick drop into the swimming pool or the one that provides a gentle curve to the left or right. It’s possible to build slides into other pool features, but just make sure that you meet the safety guidelines given by municipal building codes such as that when a swimmer slides, he or she must fall into water that’s deep enough to be safe.

Spa or hot tub

Aside from all that fun, you can also promote some health and wellness by adding a spa for your pool area. Warm water therapy or also called as hydrotherapy is made up of main healing ingredients; heat buoyancy, and massage. Hydrotherapy is more than just providing relaxation and pleasure, it can do wonders for your physical health benefits.

You may not know that water can do the most amazing things in life. Spending time in hot tub spas can give you therapeutic benefits if you are experiencing joint or muscle pain, having trouble sleeping, or simply stressed out.

Resistance jets

If you keep a pool for fitness purposes, why not add resistance jets? This will benefit you the most especially if you have a lap pool. Installing these jets will provide swimmers endless currents that they can swim against. Swimming is a fun activity and an effective workout for your muscles. It’s great for adults and children who want to watch over their health and fitness.

Lighting features

For a more appealing pool, you can choose to have a well-lit pool with interesting lighting designs. Using lights from Blingle! can highlight your best features, and they can take your yard, landscape, and pool size and design into consideration. It may take more land analysis if you have curvilinear pools than rectangular ones. Take note also the texture of the pool’s interior. The shadow affects you may have on the surface material will depend on the lighting source you have which sometimes can highlight subtle imperfections.

Fiber-optic & led

Fiber optics employ end-emitting or side-emitting fiber-optic cables which transmit light from a faraway distance located into a high-intensity discharge lightbox. The side-emitting fiber-optic lighting can be installed under the pool’s coping or in the wall of the pool. Plus fiber-optic can produce a soft and uniform lighting effect.

On the other hand, LED or Light-emitting diodes are also great for outdoor illumination and can fit effortlessly into an electric circuit. Nowadays, a lot of people choose LED lights over incandescent bulbs because they don’t get hot or have a filament to burn out.

Moon lighting

In order to establish an atmosphere of comfort and safety in the pool area, additional lighting is necessary. In order to know where to effectively establish that atmosphere, you must know where pool owners spend most of their time while outdoors at night. Angle the light toward surrounding beds, allowing it to spill onto the deck, instead of lighting the pool deck directly.

If you have a tree canopy that hangs over the pool deck, moonlighting or downlighting can provide a mystical effect. Your tree-mounted fixtures should be at least 30 feet above the ground, with soft tones filtering through delicate limbs or lacey leaves to kindle fine shadowing on the beds and walkways below.


If you want to add a touch of class to any setting, you can use soft uplighting. You may create a wall of light using a series of visibly appealing trees. The trees do not necessarily need to be on the edge of the property, instead to be close to the pool deck which will narrow the view to the immediate area. The rule you can follow is that the brightest lighting should be the most distant.

About the Author: This article was written by Ivandrea Ollero, a resident writer for PAAL Kit Homes Australia, one of Australia’s kit home leaders that offers a range of flexible kit house designs options. Ivandrea writes information for people who want to achieve confidence in building their own homes.

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