Helpful Points on Hardwood Flooring

Flooring pays an important part in enhancing the aesthetic value of your house or office. A clean and dirt-free floor will always attract your guest to step inside your house. If you are planning to renovate your house or office, consider using hardwood flooring as they look exceptionally attractive with traditional as well as contemporary interiors. Such kind of flooring not only looks appealing but also has various benefits.

Hardwood Flooring

Top 5 benefits of hardwood flooring:

#1. Low maintenance: It’s extremely easy to maintain the hardwood floor when compared to a carpet, all you need to do is to vacuum and use a damp mop to clean it. Dirt and stains don’t hold off on wood when compared to carpets and it’s also extremely easy to clean wooden flooring than carpets. If you find any dirt or spill in your hardwood floors, you can simply wipe it up easily.

#2. Health benefits: Wooden floorings are easy to clean when compared to carpets. Carpets hold dust, germs, air dander, pollens, hairs etc. which can cause severe health problems. Dirty carpet hampers the quality of the air in the house which can cause respiratory problems. Wooden flooring does not hold any dirt, animal dander, pollen or other common allergens when compared to carpets, thus allowing you to breathe clean air. Such kind of flooring has grout lines and embossing which allows dust to settle down and prevents us to suffer from dust allergies.

#3. Durability: Tiles, marbles, granites etc. are prone to scratches, dents and damages but it’s not the case with hardwood flooring as they are strong and resistant to damages. If you take good and proper care of your hardwood floors, its hard surface will last for decades.

#4. Undeniable Beauty: Wooden floorings surely add an extra touch to the overall look of the house. As the flooring is made up of wood, the natural patterns can be adapted to almost every interior design in your home.  Hardwood floors are also versatile as the natural patterns of the wood and color are not the same every time, thus making the flooring look different in different houses.

#5. Value addition: Developers and real estate agents agree that house or commercial offices installed with hardwood floorings are easier to sell because it not only adds appealing look but it’s also easy to maintain.

Hardwood Floore

Easy maintenance tips for hardwood floors:

Installing hardwood floors at your house and office is like an investment and it’s really advisable to protect such investments by taking care of it in a proper way. With proper care you will be able to enjoy the look and feel of the wooden flooring for a longer period of time.  It is always recommended to read the manufacturer’s instructions on maintenance and cleaning very carefully in order to maintain its color, look and finish.

  • Use soft materials for wiping: While sweeping such kind of flooring ensure that you use a soft broom as it will protect it from getting any scratches. In case of any spills on the floor, use a dry mop or a towel to wipe the area. Remember that wooden flooring is resistant to stains, so it’s not recommended to use wet mops or cloth to clean the spills. 
  • Avoid using detergents: The use of soaps, detergents etc. should be avoided as you don’t want to make the flooring extremely slippery.  Make use of products which are specially made to clean such kind of floorings.
  • Keep out rain water: Water may ruin the finish of the hardwood and can also stick deep into the wood to create stain. Therefore, when you are expecting rain, it is better to close all the doors and windows and wipe up any water you see.
  • Use extra-long doormat: While maintaining your hardwood flooring, your first responsibility is to keep the dirt out of your home. For this, you should get longer doormat because it will allow people to rub their footwear more while they will walk in to your home.

Hard flooring will last longer than any other type of flooring if they are maintained properly. Many people are of the perception that wooden floorings are costly but it’s not the case, such kind of floorings are available in various price brackets and remember that it’s an investment. You can reap the benefits of the wooden floorings in terms of low maintenance and appealing look for a longer period of time.

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