Porch Painting Tips from Professional Painters | How to Paint A Porch

After being cooped up all winter, nothing beats being able to sit outside on your porch or deck and enjoy the warm summer breeze, watch the sunset, read a book, or simply relax. Whether you haven’t touched your porch or deck in years or it’s simply time for an update, a fresh coat of paint can really transform your porch into an outdoor oasis. Discover the best way to make your porch look good as new!


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Prep the Surface:

The importance of surface preparation when painting wood, especially when it is subject to harsh elements like the weather, cannot be underestimated. Prepping involves you getting down and dirty, so make sure to dress appropriately. Scrub the surface thoroughly to loosen any dirt or grime that has collected over time, and then rinse the porch or deck with water. Scrape any loose or peeling paint away and sand the wood smooth. Finish the prep by sweeping away any dust and debris and wiping the surface down with a damp cloth.


After the deck has been wiped down and dried completely, apply a layer of high-quality exterior primer to the surface using a broad brush or roller for most of the area. Use a smaller brush to get around edges and in cracks. The primer will take about 24 to 48 hours to completely dry, so keep that in mind if you intend to paint on a weekend.



Now that you have properly prepped the surface and the primer has dried, it’s time to paint! Begin applying your first coat of exterior paint similar to how you primed – using a large brush or roller for the majority of the porch and a small brush for edges and corners. Make sure to also paint any exposed board ends and rails, and paint in the direction of the grain in the wood. Allow the first coat to dry for 24-48 hours and change out the tape before applying a second coat.

The only thing left to do is sit back and enjoy your newly revitalized porch! If you don’t have time to paint yourself or would rather leave it in the hands of a professional, contact Lexington, MA painters.

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