Golden Rules One Must Follow To Choose The Right Timber Flooring

People love to live in houses that have beautiful walls and floors. From the early ages, it has been seen that people have been using different materials to make a beautiful and strong floor, be it stones, rocks, marble or timber or any other thing. Floors should not only be beautiful, but it must be strong enough to withstand rigorous use. Flooring is a very old concept that has emerged from times unknown. People love to live in beautiful houses. This increases their social status. 

Flooring helps to change the entire look of the house. While renovating a house, the floor design plays a major role. It simply gives a beautiful look to the house. Renovation is usually done to change the look of the house completely so one must keep in mind to change the flooring of the house while the renovation is being planned.

Timber Flooring

What do people use for flooring?

Different people use different kinds of products for flooring. One can use different kinds of floor laminating, vinyl flooring, timbers flooring and carpets, etc. can be used efficiently for flooring purpose. This adds on to the beauty of the house. The choice to use which type of flooring completely depends on the owner. Using timber for flooring purposes is one of the oldest ways of flooring. This helps to give a beautiful and a classic look to the entire house. Timber flooring is eco-friendly in nature too.

Tips to choose the right timber flooring

There are many things that need to be checked while choosing the right timber flooring for the house. Here are some of the tips that will help to choose the right timber flooring for the house:

  • Check the size and the condition of the planks while purchasing them: The size of the timber planks must be checked properly while purchasing them to avoid any kind of problems and also to avoid unnecessary wastage of the planks. The timbers must not contain any kind of damages or must not be affected by any fungal attacks. This will make the planks weak and will break easily.
  • Choose correct type: Choosing the correct type to timber is very important to make sure that the timber flooring of your house lasts for a long period of time. One must always choose sustainable timber for the flooring purpose. Choosing the right flooring type and material is very important.
  • Let the timber settle: It is very important to let the entire timber flooring settle down. The plastering of the timber requires time. The rendering and the entire plastering work of the floor must be completed before one start using it.
  • Use protective coat to save the timber: after the plastering work has been completed, the protective coating must be used over the timber. This provides a wonderful finish to the timber flooring. Though the timbers are already treated in the factory with these coatings yet, to give a beautiful finish to the flooring, one must use these treatments to protect the floor and use the timber flooring for a long period of time.
  • Use the assistance from professionals: Often trying to install the timber flooring without proper knowledge of it can make the timber flooring look horrible. This will not only make the floor look bad but will also affect economically and will be a complete waste of money. So, to avoid such wastage, one must call for the professional workers who will work effectively and efficiently.

Therefore, one must use the timber flooring to enhance the beauty of the house. This is one of the trendiest things that are being used by most of the houses all over the world. However, timber flooring requires least maintenance cost and is cost effective.

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