All About Stacking Doors to Keep in Mind

One of the biggest fascinations with homes is to bring the best of the outside world. Although the idea has been around for years, over the years how to get the best of outdoors whilst being indoors has changed. Stacking doors are one of the best answers if you need to find a breath of fresh air and add the touch of outdoors to your rooms.

These doors are also known as concertina doors or fold-a-side doors. These fixtures can be found at any store, or provider and can be installed in your house.

Stacking Doors

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What are these?

Stacking doors or fold-a-side doors are constructed with various sections or panels, all of these sections are hinged and joined together with the help of hinges. Although, in appearance, they may look similar to the sliding doors they have more panels. These panels are joined together via hinges which allows you to fold the doors on the side, allowing you to access the outdoor patio or your backyard.

These doors are seamless and can be stacked away neatly. You can choose to stack them on one side alone or on either side. Furthermore, these doors do not obstruct your need for space either.

Places of application

Well, these doors are the best way to accentuate your patio or backyard. Their vista viewing feature makes them so popular and alluring. Moreover, these doors can be opened up entirely in the summer to let the fresh air in, whereas in winters you can close to secure against the chilly winds. Moreover, these have multiple panels which stack upon each other, thus allowing you to have enough space to move around. These also make a great choice for wardrobe and shower screen.

Stacking Door

Benefits of use

Depending on your requirement, sliding doors, stacker doors or stacking doors could be a great option for your house. Wondering why you should choose these doors? Well, here are some advantages for you:

#1. An easy fix to outdoors: For all those who love to enjoy outdoors while they are indoors, this is what they need. The stacker doors can be taken out of the view by stacking them on the sides. Once the doors are stacked away, the entire view of the outdoors opens up. If you love long lunches, then this is the type of door you need!

#2. Use as you want: Yes, this is yet another benefit of these doors, unlike the sliding doors which you have to open entirely to enjoy the view, stacker doors have panels allowing you to open the sections as and when required. Stacker doors can open up to 2/3 of their width, thus maximizing the view outside.

#3. Spacious and easy: Another thing that these doors do for you is that they allow you to free up a lot of space in your room. Whether it is to get enough light into your room, or it is to make your indoors even better, then this is what you need.

#4. Non-obtrusive: Stacking doors give a non-obtrusive view of the outdoors. There is no divide or divider between your indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, stacking doors help you to make you indoors appear seamless.

How to choose one for your room?

If you wish to have stacker doors for your house as well, then here is how you can find them:

The first thing that you need to consider is to find out a professional door provider and installer. While installing the door, you need to invest in good quality doors along with proper installation so that the roof lasts longer.

  • Another thing to look out for is functionality. You need to ensure that the doors you choose are effortless and do not obstruct the usability. Furthermore, the choice of the doors should be based as per the requirement of the space of the rooms.
  • You should also make it a point to figure out which direction you need this door to stack and close. Although you can have the door stack up on either side, some prefer the doors to stack on only one side.
  • Before you finalize things, ensure that you have a look at the frames. It is crucial to ensure that the frames are as per your needs and requirements. You need to make sure that the measurements of each of the segments are correct. When it comes to framing then you can opt for wooden or aluminum frames, these are basically used when the doors are installed outside the house. If you are looking for attractive colored frames, then you can choose western red cedar which is attractive and sturdy wood.
  • If you are going ahead with stacking doors for outdoors, then you must go for double glazing units or solar window which controls heat loss.

With that in mind, you can find yourself some good-looking stacking doors and add beauty to your rooms and spaces. However, make sure that you find a provider who offers you the best-in-class doors.

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