Take Little Precautions and Prevent Your Drains from Blocking

It is a nightmare for every house owner when the drains get blocked, the sink overflows, the water in the bathroom does not flow out or the rainwater pipe gets blocked suddenly. These types of blockages not only make the situation to turn into a mess but also damage the structure of your home. A regular precaution can save one from the blues of blocked drains and avoids taking the services of the experts and coughing up money. To prevent drain blockage, you can use some DIY tools and you can also pour hot water mixed with vinegar to clean your drains.

Blocked Drain

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The precautions that one can take to prevent blocked drains

#1. Cutting the tree roots

Often, it is found that shrubs grow on the drain pipes as they contain moisture and the roots penetrate through them. It can also happen if the trees are growing on the ground and the roots enter the gutter or the drainage system causing blocked drains. One should regularly inspect the rain pipes and the gutters, and immediately uproot the outgrowth on the pipes or cut the tree roots that had entered the sewers on the ground. But you cannot clean the underground pipelines with your DIY tools and you can hire the professional drain cleaning services in this regard. They can inspect the underneath pipelines with CCTVs and they will indentify the blocked areas of your drainage system. Then they can replace your damage pipelines with new one to clean the blocked drains.

#2. Clearing the garden debris, twigs, and the leaves

Garden debris, dead leaves, and the twigs are another reason for blocked drains. They enter the gutter and the pipes and block them. Therefore, one should regularly clean the garden place, particularly during autumn, when they accumulate more.

#3. Avoid draining fatty and greasy substances

One of the significant causes of blocked drains is pouring oily and greasy substances in the pipelines, mainly in the kitchen sink. They stick to the drain pipes and with time, they can accumulate dust and debris. It is best to throw away these fatty or greasy substances in the garbage bag rather than draining them out.

#4. Clearing the hair strands

Everybody knows that hair tangles with other objects and make a mess of things forming lumps. They generally clog the bathroom drains and make the place overflowing. It is best to collect the hair strands after a shower and throw them in the waste bin to avoid blocked drains in the washroom.

#4. Avoid draining toilet trash

Many people have the habit of draining out the toilet trash like the tissue papers, soap bits, cotton balls, or the sanitary napkins through the washroom drains. They get stuck in the drain and block it. It is always better not to flush them out but to throw them in the trash bin inside the washroom to avoid blocked drains.

Drain Blockage

#5. Taking professional help

If in spite of taking all the precautions, the drains are blocked, it is best to call a professional cleaner or plumber and get the things fixed.  Overflowing drains or the water stranded on the roof and the bathroom can be a significant cause to decrease the longevity of the home. Again cleaning the bents are not always possible for everyone, and plumbing help is needed to get rid of the blockages.

Blocked drains are always a headache for every homeowner. A little precaution from the members of the house and some professional help can avoid the situation, and a smooth flow of water is possible. The blockages should be attended without delay to prevent more damage issues.

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