A Few Things To Note Before Buying Surveillance Cameras for Your Home Or Office

Surveillance Cameras are devices with lenses and video backup technology which are used in monitoring purposes. It may include observing from a distance. The use of this device is remarkably growing high in the commercial places to restrict the illegal activities.

Surveillance Cameras for Your Home

Features in surveillance cameras

The popularity of these cameras is increasing for their different modern facilities and interesting features. Have a look to the advanced features of these types of cameras before buying a perfect one along with specific features to get the best benefits.

#1. HD video quality: If picture quality is your main priority then you should buy HD video quality surveillance camera or connect your camera to the digital video recorder. Normally go for a 1080p or higher resolution.

#2. Night vision: If your surveillance camera is fitted outside of your house or inside warehouses you may go for a good night vision quality. The quality of night vision depends on the number of infra-red cameras fitted on your camera. Normally, if want to buy cameras with good night vision you should have at least 100 feet of vision or more. They also come with an inbuilt IR circuit which controls IR vision on the basis of lighting conditions.

Surveillance Cameras

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#3. Pan, tilt and zoom function: Pan, tilt and zoom functions in surveillance camera are ideal for covering large areas and allow the user to monitor through the best viewing angle possible.

#4. Remote control through mobile: This feature enables you to monitor real-time video from your mobile phone through apps. This may come in handy when you are out of the station. Make sure that the software is compatible with your mobile device.

#5. Cameras with audio: You can also opt for cameras that record both audio and video. If you are going for this type of camera, make sure that you check the audio quality first. With this, you can now hear conversations, sounds of objects.

When you are buying surveillance cameras it is worth to look at the following points first

#1. Cost factor: Well, surveillance cameras come with different security features as mentioned above. Higher the features higher will be the cost. Remember along with the buying cost you might have to pay installation charges and quarterly or yearly servicing charges as well.

#2. Type of Use: Determine the need behind installing a surveillance camera. Do you require high video quality features or remote access features or good battery back-up features or video and audio both in your cameras? For home-based use, you should go for a camera with a decent image quality with good backup storage and remote access features in case you are going outstation. For office purposes, you should look cameras with broader viewing angles to cover large spaces and zoom and tilt function and good back-up storage.

#3. Camera positioning: The place and the angle of the position should also be considered before buying. They could be required in offices where there are large open spaces to cover. In-home you can position them on corners of ceilings and walls.

Surveillance Cameras for Your Office

Benefits of surveillance cameras

Surveillance camera whether installed in-home or in-office has a variety of advantages. Regardless of the lens, image quality, it will provide the following benefits- 

  • 24*7 surveillance: Your security cameras are designed to watch your home/office even when you are away. It will also alert you of any activity.
  • Improved safety: They provide you with extra safety and security for your home or office and thus it is able to prevent crime like burglary from happening.
  • Convenience of control: You can control your security cameras from your smartphones through apps. You will receive notifications on scenarios when the camera’s power is disrupted. You get access to real-time video and review from your mobile phone only.

Surveillance cameras come in a variety of shapes, sizes and features. It is important to find out the exact need before buying and installing them. Also, the cost factor has to be looked upon. And finally, consider whether you are buying it for home or office purpose.

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