Top Reasons for Choosing Quick-Step Impressive Ultra Floor

I want to share our recent experience choosing our floorings and why we chose quick-step impressive ultra floor. Choosing is a difficult thing for a lot of people, so I want to share my experience and the criteria we have chosen, and I hope to help everyone, especially those who are equally confused.

For me, I really like solid wood flooring, but solid wood flooring has a lot of problems like maintenance, which is very troublesome. What I want more is the kind of engineered floor, which is easy to clean and waterproof and non-slip. I want to lay the floor in every part of the house, including the kitchen and bathroom, so it will be convenient to clean, so the floor needs to be waterproof and non-slip, which can increase the convenience and reduce the maintenance cost, including Loss caused by accidents such as wear and water leakage caused by machine failure.

Home Flooring

Regarding the material of the floor, whether to use high-quality vinyl sheets or high-quality laminates is also an important issue. In fact, you can compare two materials in several ways.

First of all, from the appearance, the floor of the two materials is almost no big difference, including the design of the color and the floor approaching the real solid wood floor. The second two materials are all easy to clean materials. There is no big difference in price. From this perspective, there is not much difference between the two.

From a waterproof point of view, the laminate is made of HFD or high density fiberboard, that is, recycled hardwood, which is generally more resistant to abrasion but not waterproof. However, vinyl itself is a flexible waterproof material, so the vinyl plate is more waterproof. Our choice of Quick-Step Impressive Ultra and its latest Quick-step Majestic floor, this new generation of high-quality laminate flooring has a waterproof surface that is more suitable for use in bathrooms where waterproofing is required.

From the point of view of the touch, it is difficult for the laminate to move around and it will make a sound. If a suitable carpet is on it, it may feel quieter and more comfortable.

Flooring Design

Impressive Ultra floors are extra durable and have a superior authentic colour, design and structure – including a super realistic bevel that mimics a genuine timber floor finish.

Aesthetics, quality and brand confidence are decisive factors in many choices. I am very impressed with Quick-Step’s innovation because I can always hear relevant news. I like the samples I saw in the showroom, and the brand has a 25-year history and is very reassuring. People don’t always stay in one place, but when they live here, the floor for this time can be covered with such a quality floor, and it is guaranteed to be waterproof for 10 years. Time is very happy.

I borrowed a lot of samples from the showroom to see what kind of scenes I actually had at home. This is a good way. After all, under the natural light of the house, and the placement of items in the house, the floor looks different. of. Let me make up my mind to choose the classic oak beige Impressive Ultra because at the end of the day, its appearance is exactly what I imagined. This is a decision that I will not regret.


I think the floor is a worthwhile area and a place we can afford. Because laying the floor is a very cumbersome thing, you have to move everything and there will be big changes. This is an investment, no one wants to constantly change the floor to wear clothes, after all, the floor is worn.

We want more natural light to illuminate the home, but there is no suitable place. We also considered Quick-Step’s Majestic products, the same waterproof effect and amazing design. However, the size does not match the conditions at home. There are also DIY systems available for customers to choose from, but we are not very convenient, because our house’s own underlying conditions require more operations. We consulted infloorings flooring shop in Rockdale.

Looking at these pictures, the floor and the kitchen have been completely changed, and months have passed, even though the trike-riding is here, the floor is still the same as the new one. I have to say that we made a good decision at the time.

If you have any other questions about choosing your floor, please write them in the comments.

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