Notable Advantages Of Epoxy Industrial Floor Coating

The floor is the base of an interior space, which should be strong enough to bear the heavy loads of various furniture pieces and people walking over it. Commonly, floors of industrial buildings are made of concrete, where sturdiness and durability are essential factors. Epoxy is a substance that seals a concrete floor and enhances the longevity of this surface. Hence, epoxy industrial floor coating is quite popular in all commercial buildings and even in garages. All companies want to avail the benefits of using this type of sealant coating on the floors of their factories and warehouses.

Industrial Floor Coating

Merits of using epoxy industrial floor coating

#1. Better durability – When a concrete floor surface is coated with epoxy, it is guaranteed to last for many years. It is proved that the epoxy industrial floor coating makes a surface more durable than ordinary concrete floors.

#2. Easier cleaning – Since epoxy seals all the pores in a concrete floor, it can be cleaned simply by wiping off regularly to eliminate all dust and dirt particles. Moreover, epoxy makes the floor surface totally seamless, where no dirt or debris can remain hidden within the tile joints, due to which cleaning process becomes simpler.

#3. Stronger floor – Epoxy resin turns into a polymer when applied all over a concrete surface, making that floor much sturdier than plain concrete. Thus, this floor gains the capability to withstand all the pressure of industrial activities and lots of traffic moving over it, without developing any crack or crevice.

#4. Impressive look – Due to the application of epoxy industrial floor coating, the floor surface becomes much brighter. It shines and looks more attractive, as the light is partially reflected from this surface and makes the space more illuminated.

#5. Many design options – The epoxy coating can be applied with numerous attractive patterns over the floors, making the dull appearances of warehouses and factories more interesting. Various paints can be mixed with an epoxy mixture for rendering different shades to floor surfaces. Industry owners can pick up suitable patterns and colours from a large array while installing the epoxy floor coating.

Epoxy Industrial Floor Coating

#6. Fast installation – Due to the expertise of trained professionals, epoxy industrial floor coating can be applied very quickly over a large concrete floor surface. Hence, the industries do not need to waste much production time due to installation of this epoxy coating over any new or old floor of factories, warehouses, and other commercial buildings.

#7. Resistant to chemicals – The epoxy coated floors offer good resistance to all types of chemical substances. Thus, no undesired stain forms on these floor surfaces, in spite of spilled chemicals in factories or warehouses. This feature is highly useful in chemical plants, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries.

#8. Safe for workers – An epoxy coated floor is slip-resistant and prevents accidental fall of all workers in industrial houses. Moreover, epoxy industrial floor coating can stand high temperatures and prevents the spread of fire, which is considered to be a vital safety measure for all industries handling inflammable materials.

#9. Environment-friendly – Epoxy is known to be a ‘green’ building material, as it does not impose any threat to the surrounding environment. Due to its high durability, industry owners do not need to renovate their floors in the near future, thereby saving a lot of building materials. It also prevents air pollution caused during the replacement of flooring.

#10. Cost-efficient – The price of epoxy resin is affordable for even small business owners. Moreover, as the epoxy industrial floor coating is highly durable, industry owners can save the huge expense of frequent flooring repairs or replacement. The installation of this coating on the floors of garage and driveways also save the tyres of vehicles from fast wearing off.

Therefore, all industrial houses now prefer to have their floors coated with epoxy resin, which helps in availing all the above-mentioned facilities.

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