The Most Interesting Scenes in The House from A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story is definitely one of the most classic Christmas movies out there. Whether you’re someone who watches the movie every Christmas or you only catch it whenever it’s on TV, you’ve almost certainly at least heard a quote from the movie. Who hasn’t heard the singsong refrain, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”? No matter how often you watch the movie, here are the 11 most interesting scenes that take place in the house from A Christmas Story.


The bunny suit

Ralphie, the main character of the movie, receives a variety of presents on Christmas day. One of these is a hot pink bunny suit that he gets from his Aunt Clara. There are conflicting opinions on the suit, as Ralphie’s father says that he looks like “a deranged Easter bunny.

Red ryder bb gun

The only present that Ralphie really wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder BB gun. Although he thinks he hasn’t gotten his wish, his father points him toward the very last present, which turns out to be his BB gun.

The bumpus’ hounds

Ralphie’s family lives right next to a hillbilly family called the Bumpuses. This hillbilly family has a whole host of hound dogs that get into all sorts of trouble. This trouble culminates in them eating the Christmas turkey, forcing the family to get Chinese food for Christmas dinner.

The christmas tree

The Parker family gets a great deal on a live Christmas tree, then displays it in the living room after covering it with tinsel and lights. However, a fuse blows because of electrical problems, causing their lights to go off.

Furnace soot

Ralphie’s father and his continuing fights with the furnace are a recurring subplot in A Christmas Story. When the furnace starts to blow soot up into the rest of the home, he tries to go down to the basement, but slips and falls on a pair of roller skates, then starts swearing.

The leg lamp

One of the more memorable props from A Christmas Story is the leg lamp. Ralphie’s father wins it from a contest, but Ralphie’s mother hates it. After she “accidentally” breaks it, his father eventually has to throw it out.

Bathroom soap

Ralphie’s mother washes his mouth out with soap as punishment for swearing. Although the audience only sees it happen once, Ralphie implies that it’s happened many times, indicating that he’s become “a connoisseur of soap.”

Car hubcap

The family car gets a flat tire at some point and Ralphie attempts to help fix it. He drops a bunch of lug nuts that he was holding and says a curse word that he learned from his dad, causing his mom to punish him.

Little orphan annie decoder

Ralphie is a huge fan of the radio show Little Orphan Annie, drinking gallons of Ovaltine to send away for the secret decoder. However, when he hides out in the bathroom to read it, he’s disappointed to learn that it just ends up being a commercial for Ovaltine.

Practice target

After Ralphie gets his BB gun, he needs a target to practice on. When his BB gun ricochets, hitting his glasses, he worries for a moment whether he actually has accidentally shot his eye out.

Black bart attacks

In one scene, Ralphie fantasizes about how he could use his BB gun to defend his family. In an Old West-inspired scene, Ralphie uses his BB gun to fend off the evil Black Bart.


A Christmas Story is one of the most beloved Christmas movies for a reason. People love to watch the movie every year. Whether you’re someone who loves watching this movie every year or you’re just going to catch it whenever it’s on TV, these are definitely the scenes that keep audiences coming back every year.

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