How to Choose the Right Carpet

Home owners in Australia don’t realise how many different types of carpet are available in the market these days. Knowing which one will work in your home can help you get the right kind and enjoy your new investment inside the home. This is a big decision because it will take up a large area of the home and can cost quite a bit. Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors when it comes to choosing your new carpet.


The cost of the carpet

When you go shopping for new carpet, you may be surprised at how much carpet can cost. For example, you can get a corded foam-backed carpet for just 2.99 per square metre. But then there are some higher quality options that are closer to 100 per square metre. The average you should expect to pay will be closer to 20 to 30 per square metre for good quality carpet. 

What type do i need: tufted or woven?

You will notice that there are two main types of carpet that you can go with including tufted and woven. Woven carpet is often seen as higher quality because the decoration and colors are woven into it rather than just printed. It is a high-end product, made out of wool, and comes in two forms including Wilton, which is texture or plain, or Azminster, which is a pattern with a velvet kind of finish.

On the other hand, tufted carpet is popular and there are more choices to make with it. It is often less expensive too. It is made by punching pile yarn into the chosen backing fabric with some needles. This helps to get the loop pile designs that you want. 

Materials in your carpet

You can also make some choices in the material of the carpet. The main thing to consider is the decision between natural or synthetic carpet. Both are beneficial and it comes down to your budget and which one you like better.

Wool is one that has been used in carpet for a long time and is generally seen as the highest-quality. It feels luxurious and will not hold onto soil. It is also flame resistant so it will stay warm and retain its appearance for a long time. You can choose how much wool is in the carpet as well.

Synthetic is a good option too. It is resistant to abrasion, easy to clean, and can last a long time. It is often some kind of nylon blend though polypropylene is a good option to avoid stains and last a long time. This is often used in loop piles, Saxony types, and twists.


Where should i buy my carpet?

The best places to purchase carpet are from a reputable retailer. Always get a quote in writing and compare prices between different places . This will help you know exactly the amount that you will owe when everything is done and prevents surprises later. Ask about the deposit for the work as well. Find out more about carpet quotes in Sydney here.

What carpet works best in each room?

The best thing here is to get your carpet professionally fitted. This takes skill and time and a qualified professional will help make the carpet fit and look great. You can lay down carpet in any room, though most people will avoid it in bathrooms and kitchens. Remember that your landings, stairs, and hallways will take the most wear and tear so think about the type of carpet you want to put there and pick something more hardworking.

You can choose a more luxurious option in the bedrooms since they are not as high traffic. If you want to use something that is higher in quality and looks nice, then these are the areas to do it.

How to choose a runner for the stairs

Carpeting stairs can be a challenge because you need something that looks nice and will last a long time. There are two types of carpet that work with this including Wiltons and flatweaves.

Wiltons are dense and come with a velvety feel that is nice while the flatweaves are more flexible so they work better with staircases that wind. Fitting the flatweave carpet is hard so consider a professional.

What pattern to use on a stair runner?

When choosing the color, often a pattern or bold stripes is a good option, or you can use neutrals to get a subtle finish. Choose the runner before painting so you can make them match well.

For any of the rooms that come from the stairs and hall, pick one with the same color scheme. They do not need to be the same shade, but have them be similar for a good look.


How to lay the runner

This is a difficult option to work with, but a professional usually is a good option. When you lay these runners, you should leave at least 5 cm up to 15 cm wood or paintwork showing on both sides. 

Fitting the runners on your landing

You can choose a bordered or non-bordered flatweave runner fitted on landings by way of mitred edges. You can also work with half and quarter landings depending on the method you have. The joins and seams are either sewn by skilled fitters, either on site or in the workshop and then brought to you.

What material should i use with pets?

If you have pets, you should work with synthetic material. Polypropylene and nylon are good options to help with pets. They are stain resistant and durable and they are less likely to attract your pet to scratch them up like the wool carpets. You should also avoid options like Sisal. The color is not as important for this, but do make sure you.

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