Custom Bathrooms: 9 Tips to Get Great Results

Bathroom remodel

Remodeling your bathroom can be hectic because there are lots of elements that you have to address. You will have to take care of showers, bathtubs, vanities, sinks, and many other components. The remodel will also depend on the bathroom size.

Bathroom Remodel

Here are a few ideas to use when remodeling your bathroom:

Framed mirrors

Every bathroom must have a mirror. The mirror is an important part of everyone’s daily grooming. As such, it is good to ensure that your bathroom has an incredible mirror. A framed mirror upgrades the bathroom space, and you can always admire yourself in it.

Customized tiles

Tiles are now available in different shapes, and people are shifting from the traditional rectangular and square tiles. You can opt for hexagon or scallop-shaped tiles to add to improve the cosmetics of your bathroom.


The lighting in your bathroom can help to ensure that you enjoy your time there. Lighting technology is experiencing continuous advancements, and you can utilize it. Instead of having one ambient light hanging from the ceiling, you can incorporate some sconces and even add some decorative lighting. It will add esthetic elegance to your bathroom.

Bathroom Design

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Brass finishes

Brass fixtures can showcase some luxury and add a warm tone to your bathroom. It can substitute the traditional shiny or polished surfaces which convey a cool, sleek feel.

Even if it is a tiny accent like the frame of a mirror, brass leaves an unmatched impact. You can have it on the toilet or faucets.

Tiling the walls partially

Traditionally, the bathroom would have an entire wall tiled. The wet areas would also be tiled. However, a new trend is emerging where the remodeler brings the tiling halfway up the wall. It creates a pleasant design.

Wooden accents

Wood brings a warm tone to the bathroom. The good thing is that wood is available in various shades, complementing white, grey, or darker-colored bathrooms. Wood is also versatile, matching vintage and industrial accents. Remodelers are coming up with unique styles of bringing back wood into the bathroom.

Big bathtubs

You can remodel your bathroom to create more space. You can install a bigger bathtub to give you enough room to unwind and relax. Jacuzzi-style tubs are no longer popular, meaning a bigger bathtub will serve you well.

Bathroom Renovation
You can also install open showers, which will seem to increase your bathroom’s size. It will give you more space, providing you with the convenience you need. Some people may not like open bathrooms because they lack privacy.

Underfloor heating system

The underfloor heating system can come in handy during the cold winter season. The good thing is that underfloor heating can be used with various floors, including wood, concrete, tile, and vinyl. I will transform the cold bathroom floor into a warm, soothing floor, ensuring that you enjoy your time in the bathroom.

Compact storage spaces

With hidden cabinets, shelves on the walls, and many other storage spaces, your bathroom appears neat and organized. Neat spaces have been shown to relieve stress.

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