General Roof Designs and Styles

Many people struggle a lot with choosing the right roof for their homes. After all, there are so many to choose from, and we can never be sure if we got the right ones. And this is how many people end up with roofs, which are just not so suitable for their properties, and won’t endure the specific weather conditions of the place.

Choosing the right roof for your home is a very responsible decision, and you shouldn’t underestimate it. The right kind can protect your home from a variety of potential issues, so you should try your best to find the most suitable option for you. The first step to choosing the right roof for your home is to know all the general designs and styles.

So to make things easier, we’ve created this extensive list of the most popular and sought-after roof designs.


Hipped roof

The hipped roof is a very common roof design, which is quite popular in Australia nowadays. It has a very specific shape, which can be recognized from kilometres away. They are perfect for all kinds of climates, and especially where extreme weather conditions are a regular thing. Their construction is very specific, and they can provide so much needed shade during the long summer days.

But they are also very strong and durable, and they can protect your home from strong winds and all kinds of extreme situations. Thanks to its unique and simple structure, the periodical gutter cleaning is practically a piece of cake. You’ll just have to remove all the debris and rinse everything with water, to make sure the downpipes are not clogged.

Gabled roof

This is also a very popular type of roof design, which is commonly seen in suburban houses. The more popular name you might have heard of is “pitched roof”. They provide a very classical outlook to every property, thanks to the triangular form of the entire structure. This also helps the rainwater to find its way down, and if the gutters are being maintained properly, you won’t have any issues with your roofing system for years.

The biggest perk of having a pitched roof is that they provide lots of space for an attic. And as most of you know, everybody needs an attic for their unused stuff.

Flat roof

The flat roof is not very practical in Australia, but there are still many people who choose them as an option. They actually have lots of perks, but they are just not suitable for climates with high humidity and lots of rain. The shape of this roof is practically triangular, but it’s very low-pitched, and it creates great conditions for creating an upstairs living area or a nice roof garden (if you live in a place where there’s no other option for a garden). Cleaning the gutters when you have a flat roof is quite difficult because the slope of the roof plays a great role in removing the water from it.

Skillion roof

The skillion roof is very similar to the flat roof, but the pitch of the roof style is steeper, which helps a lot with the water drainage. Its more popular name is “shed roof”. There are many designs and styles of this roof you can choose from. They became quite popular in the last few years, mainly because of the large variety of options the customers have. This type of roof can be installed on practically every type of house, no matter of the shape and size of the property.

Clerestory roof

This is a quite new and modern type of roofs, which haven’t become so popular around here yet. But the whole roof design and the structure are very practical and allow lots of interpretation when it comes to the design of the whole property. The biggest perk of this kind of roofs is, that they let lots of natural light inside, and they provide privacy all at the same time. They also allow passive heating and cooling, if they are designed correctly.


Mansard roof

The mansard roofs are not a common choice nowadays, but they used to be not long ago. People quite often refer to it as a “French roof”. When you look at the general structure of this roof design, you will notice that it’s very similar to hipped roofs. This is because the mansard roofs are actually a historic variation of the well known nowadays hipped roofs.

This type of roofs is quite unusual because its forms are not symmetrical and the maintenance of the gutters is very complicated, but it still has its good sides. For instance, it can offer lots of interior space for an attic, which is the dream of many families.

Arched roof

I’m sure that you’ve seen many examples of arched roofs around Sydney and Melbourne. They are practically the perfect choice for such cities because they offer excellent strength, structurally speaking, and the roof design is quite catchy and unusual. And with the advance of the technology of production, nowadays this type of roofs is being made from curved steel, which makes it almost indestructible.

So, if you want style and comfort, this is the roof design for you. Also, thanks to the natural curve of this roof, the rainwater can safely be transported down from it and away from the property. And, also thanks to the amazing design, the deep cleaning of the gutters of this roof should be a piece of cake.

Domed roof

This is a type of roof you might see on a church, for example. The circular roofs can come in many shapes and styles – some of them are flat, some – pitched, and the third type, which is quite popular in our country, are domed roofs. Even though these roofs are quite strong and durable, they are still unusual. Because of their forms, they are quite expensive and very complicated to construct. This is why I would not recommend them for a regular house.

Sawtooth roof

Sawtooth roofs have a very interesting design, which includes a nice window implemented in the roof. They are traditionally used on industrial and warehouse types of buildings. But lately, they are gaining more and more popularity among households because they offer great exposure to daylight, which is healthy and perfect for growing children. The construction is a little odd, but presuming the construction of the gutters is right, you shouldn’t have any trouble maintaining it.

Curved roof

Having a curved roof can be quite the challenge sometimes, but if you like the specifics of this design then it’s worth the trouble. This type of roofs is also very stable and will provide the needed protection for your home. Nowadays they make these roofs out of steel, so you won’t have to worry about serious issues for a long time. The curved roof design can provide a much softer and rounder look to your home, which completely changes the entire atmosphere.

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