Looking to Sell in 2021? Make Sure These Features are Up to Date!

Hopping into the modern housing market takes some faith and some hard work, but the sellers’ market in most zones of the United States is likely to reward that work in a big way in 2021. By choosing to do some strategic updates, you can make your home ready for the scrutiny of buyers who begin their process looking mostly at online listings, while still wowing them when they eventually pop in for an in-person showing. The market is likely to do well as the vaccine roll-out makes in-person showings easier and safer, so now is the time to consider where you can make small modifications to your home in order to get big returns in the form of interested buyers.


Use the collective wisdom of Home Light’s surveyed top real estate agents to make these key upgrades.

Energy bill savings and sustainability upgrades

In some markets, particularly in the Pacific, energy efficiency upgrades and anything that links to sustainability are going to be valuable listing notes to share with your potential buyers. However, a year of high energy bills from being home a lot has clued many people into the practical and sustainability-focused benefits of adding energy-efficient appliances, which you can do if you needed to replace a water heater or refrigerator anyway.

Remove carpet from bathrooms

One of the top signs that real estate agents don’t like to see in an online listing is carpet in the bathrooms. It’s a trend that went out of style a while ago, so still having it just doesn’t make the listing look updated or modern. By removing the carpet and either reviving or replacing the flooring underneath, you give people the look they are expecting in the bathrooms these days and avoid a small red flag for potential buyers.

Change those popcorn ceilings

Popcorn ceilings have also lost their appeal, and most real estate agents will counsel you to remove them before taking your listing photos in order to make the best possible first impression. While they may seem like a background element, every look counts in a market that relies so much on virtual showings, where potential buyers pore over the pictures and videos to see if this is the home for them.

Give windows the star treatment

Another affordable update is to note all the window treatments in your home: are they gathering dust and in styles that aren’t really the look of a modern home? For much less than most updates, you can get simple, timeless window treatments that help to brighten a room, make it seem more modern, and harmonize across the whole house, if you previously had a few different styles. Ask your real estate agent if it makes sense to add or change window treatments to make your home look its very best.

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