3 Myths and the Reality Surrounding Home Septic Tanks

Have you been thinking about getting septic tank emptying services? Then reading this blog will clear a lot of things for you. Many homeowners own a septic tank but do not have the ways to handle it. The worst of this is they end up believing a lot of tattletale from their friends and family which results in damaging their whole hygienic system. Instead, if you have the right information, it will help you to not only maintain proper safety protocol but also keep a smooth functioning tank available.

So, do you want to know about the common myths people have about this hygiene equipment? Keep reading to know more.

septic tanks
Septic Tanks

What are the myths and the reality behind home septic tanks?

#1. Tanks can take care of themselves!

Many of you tend to believe that septic tanks are self-cleansing. But how can it be? It is just like any other equipment that requires professional help for cleaning purposes. The truth of the matter is you must hire septic tank cleaning companies every 3-4 years. Your system must get pumped every 3-4 years without failure. It is true that with the help of gravity and other biological processes septic tanks take care of a lot of Herculean tasks by themselves. However, every superhero needs aid! Hiring help is the best way to ensure that your tank receives a long life and works efficiently throughout. However, this time frame gets decided upon the tank size and the home size. It is only natural that if you have a big home, the unit must be bigger too. Also, if you have a medium-sized home or small-scale home, the unit appropriate for the above-mentioned home demands will be smaller too. If your tank size is bigger it will need lesser and more infrequent pumping. While small tanks require more frequent attention. Do not try to decide the time frame by yourself. Instead, contact professional companies who offer these services to ask for proper guidance.

#2. Flush anything cause tank is here!

There couldn’t be more wrong than this myth. When you install this hygiene unit in your home, it works to balance biological microbes and enzymes to break down waste matters. There are many agents like drain cleaner, disinfectants, solvents, etc. that will diminish and kill the harmful microbes in the sewage system. Now if you flush everything down your drain, it will overwork the entire system and you will have an incoming system failure soon!

To make you understand this complex phenomenon better, let me cite an example- Susan used to flush almost all matter down her drain thinking the tank would take care of it. What she wasn’t aware of is, that one cup of her home bleach can kill about 1,000 bad microbes in the tank. If more than 1,000 microbes get accumulated in the tank, the system will soon overheat and fail to work. Susan learned this fact the hard way since her system failed and she had to call for help.

You can be saved now from system failure by understanding the reality behind this myth. Never try to flush off everything that you have. Instead, maintain the right proportion and you will have a healthy relationship with your septic tank. If you have queries regarding how much your unit can hold, contacting septic tank cleaners is the safest choice.

#3. Pumping is not mandatory

Some people believe that pumping the tank is not mandatory. Instead repairing it as per need will do the job. Do not believe this myth. The reality is completely different. Many tanks get clogged over time with use and no pumping. The waste matter keeps getting accumulated and safety and health issues get compromised. Also, if you do not call for help because of the septic tank cleaning prices, there is another surprise waiting for you. Repairing tanks is far costlier than pumping tanks. And the cost of repairs is about multiple dollars higher than plain maintenance. Thus, getting septic tanks cleaners to come and maintain the system is far more useful to you than not doing it and waiting for a breakdown.

Now, that you know the truth behind all the myths and facts, choosing companies like ;Greaseco is the right choice for you. After all, there shouldn’t be any compromise between safety and hygiene, right?

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