Know Three Easy DIY Steps for Clearing Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains could make your life difficult, as it makes your kitchen basin as well as your bathroom messy. Your day completely ruins if you notice the water in the bathroom and the kitchen is not draining which means your drains are blocked. For day-to-day life, your kitchen sink is one of the common places where you notice the clogs.

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#1. Main Causes for Drain Blockage

It is a pain to see the toilet smelling badly or the kitchen sink smelling badly because dirty water not passing due to blocked drains. In order to prevent this situation, it is important for everyone to know the main reasons for the drains to be blocked. Some of the reasons are below:

  • Broken hairs are one of the common reasons for your drains to be blocked. When more and more hair gets collected then it makes the water difficult to pass from the drain.
  • The leaves and roots of the trees could lead to severe blockage in the drains. It is important to remove the leaves from the drainage area.
  • Most of the time people dump tissues, wipes, and napkins in the toilets and they flush without thinking of the negative affect on drain.
  • In the kitchen area, the fatty substances and grease create blockage of drains. So, it is important to clean the grease and fatty substance from time to time.

#2. Drain Maintenance Tips

Follow some easy steps for drain maintenance. These tips will also help you in preventing the blockage largely.

  • To prevent any kind of blocked drains, keep the drain covered using the strainer. This strainer will help to hold back any unwanted object and the hair from entering the drain.
  • The dirt buildups happen on a daily basis drains will not be clogged if you clean it timely. You can use hot water for draining the buildups.
  • Try straining the waste materials as much as you can and pour the plain water in the drain.

#3. Simple DIY Tips to Clear Clogged Drains

When you notice blocked drains in your home, it is possible to call the plumber immediately. There are simple DIY tips, which you can use for clearing up the clogged-up drains.

  • Use vinegar and baking soda for clearing the blockage of the drains effectively. Mix the baking soda and vinegar together and pour it in the clogged drain. Leave the solution for some time on the mouth of the drain, as you will notice volcanic eruption type of reaction. Once, it stops, pours the hot boiling water down the drain. This will immediately remove the dirt and clear the drain enabling the smooth passage of water.
  • In addition, that, the other effective method to unblock the clogged drain is using the hand plunger, hand-operated drain snake or a wire hanger. This type of equipment are readily available in the market for simple DIY home unclogging procedure. You can just buy and keep them handy in your kitchen and bathroom to unblock the clogged drain. It is easy to use for minor blockage. You can simply straighten up the wire hanger and use it for removing the blockage of the drain. This method is quite common in many homes.
  • Moreover, you can even use the dishwashing detergent for removing the clogs from the drains. Put the detergent, pour the boiling water, and start plunging. This will remove the greasy substance and make your drain clean. This acts as a lubricant, which removes the residues of the grease.

Thus, these are some of the effective DIY tips to clear the blocked drain at home.

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