Basics on Roof Inspection Report Format

As a roofing contractor, you are aware of how crucial it is to maintain complete and current documents. In addition to keeping tabs on your progress, you should monitor that of any other contractors working on the site. Roofing inspection reports are primarily dependent upon this.

A thorough roof report on the roof’s condition can keep workers on task and guarantee quality results. We’ll go through the basics of roof report inspection and demonstrate how making a template can save you time and effort in the long run.

roof reports

Roof  Reports

What is a Roof Report?

A roof report, also known as a roofing inspection report, is a document that details the status of a roof at a given point in time. The type, age, condition, and repair need for the shelter and its flashings are all detailed in this report.

Its purpose is to aid roofers in seeing any developing issues so they can be addressed before they become catastrophic. The lifespan of a roof and the necessity of a roof replacement can be estimated with this study’s help.

What Should Be Included in a Roof Report and How to Write One?

Roofing inspection reports can be broken down into several categories. Many variables will determine what information to include in your roof report, such as the type of roof, the sort of building, customer details, your business’ roof report template, and more.

You can save time by creating roof inspection report templates, and then modifying the form as needed instead of starting from scratch each time (more on us later).

However, every roof inspection report needs to have the same basic information.



Just the Facts

A professional roof report should not only run on the tall talks but rather should seem like one in the market. If you look at an authentic roof inspection report, then you would get to notice a lot of credentials and basics of observations from the proper reports. They might include basics like name of the company, location of the property, years of usage and present condition of the roofing style.

In the Notes from the Roof

Important details concerning the roof, such as its age, the condition of the shingles and flashings, and any necessary repairs, should be detailed in the roof notes. Additionally, it should include the expected lifespan of the roof, its general condition, its images, and any other relevant information.


Make sure there’s a place for both you and your roofing contractor to sign. The roof inspection report will be complete with all the necessary signatures.

Samples of Reports Documenting Roof Inspections

Workers in the field can now use their tablets or smart phones to fill out documents utilizing digital roofing report templates. They can also sync their data with the office in real-time to report any developments.

Remember that there is a wide variety of roof report templates, each designed for a different goal and set of readers. Some sample formats are provided below.

Checklist for Inspecting a Roof

Roofing companies often utilize such a template during an inspection to ensure they don’t miss anything important. Roofing companies can use this document to keep track of their inspection results by including a checklist of required items and an area for noting their observations.

Condition of the Roof

Using a template like this makes it easy for roofing companies to record their results and provide them to their clients. This form should include all the necessary data, roof notes, a roof diagram, and signatures.

Condition of the Roof

This type of template is commonly used by building managers and owners to document the upkeep and repair of roofs. Roofing companies should be able to record information about the last time they inspected the top and a log of any maintenance or repairs performed on this form.

Documentation of Roof’s Final Completion

Roofing contractors generally use this form to certify that a roof has been installed or repaired according to the manufacturer’s standards. The name, license number, and address of both the client and the roofing contractor must be listed on this document.


When you have the right choice for the roof report inspection, the process will be much easier. Roofing report templates that are digital make it easy to keep the forms up to date and to disseminate them to both the field crew and the customers. Your roofing activities, as well as your roof inspection process, may use some streamlining.

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