Why Security Guard Services Is an Essential in Today’s Times

Security is a necessary requirement in today’s world. Trespassers are seen everywhere nowadays with an alarming increase in crimes. These criminal activities are not only happening in houses but also in offices, shops, financial and institutional places, and almost all other places. A person on the duty as a security guard seated in front of an office is an old scenario that all of us are familiar with. But the fact that is the reason we must be concerned more about the value of security guard services is that in the upcoming future the need for this service will be increased as the number of crimes is continuously growing. In fact, in the situation in recent days, every household and office also need security guard services to protect their holdings as well as family members or employees.


Security Guard

Who is a security guard?

Security guards are generally people who are employed by certain companies to guard homes and properties. Their job is to stop and prevent inappropriate and sometimes or most often illegal behavior and activities of people. This behavior or activity is potentially unsafe for society at large or someone or some organization. So it has to be stopped before it occurs. So, it is then security guard services are employed by people. These guards are sometimes armed or unarmed. It all depends on what sort of guard is needed.

Who requires the services of security guards generally?

Anyone who requires more protection in his or her place can employ security guard services. But in general-

  • Most big institutions and organizations employ their services.
  • Their services are generally taken by airports, banks, pubs, shopping malls, nightclubs, various public festivities organizers, and different venues that organize different events.
  • In some cases, they are often referred to as bouncers or crowd controllers.

Security guards are employed by private agencies that must be licensed by the required government departments and they must be trained.

The powers of security guards

You may think that security guard services have the same powers as the police force. But there is a small difference there. As they are employed by private agencies their powers are restricted to some extent. The police are more powerful as they are given their powers by the state directly while security guards must get permission from the state to perform. Their powers are:

  • They prevent unwanted entry into certain places that have restrictions imposed.
  • They can ask you for identification in certain venues where alcohol is sold.
  • They can remove an unsuitable person or a threat in a certain venue.
  • They can remove harmful people from the premises.
  • They can question trespassers.
  • They can initiate the arrest of a potentially harmful person.
Security Guard 

The various responsibilities of security guards

Security guard services have certain responsibilities which they must execute dutifully and faithfully as their job requires them to. They have to:

  • They have to report losses and damages via the irregularities and violations of procedures and policies they observe.
  • They patrol properties and monitor surveillance equipment and access points like the entry and exit of a place.
  • They have to report losses and damages via the irregularities and violations of procedures and policies they observe.
  • They will examine any breach of security, alarming behavior, or incident in a certain place.
  • Control traffic on personal property.
  • They have to comply with all state rules and regulations in maintaining the stability and reputation of the organization they are deployed in.
  • Security equipment has to be looked after and maintained by them to ensure proper and smooth functioning.
  • They work and contribute as a team to maintain peace and harmony in the environment they are posted in.

About the skills of security guards

  • The first and foremost skill of any security guard service is that the guards will have to be able to stand for long and extensive hours at their workplace.
  • They should be strong so that they can lift certain weights as prescribed by the state they work in.
  • They should also be able to get a strong grip on trespassers or burglars.
  • They should have good communicative skills along with a high sense of judgment and justice.
  • Computer skills are basic nowadays in every field.
  • Most of all they should be alert and should be able to spring to action at any given moment.


In conclusion, we can say that there are many types of security guard services to be found everywhere. They are sometimes government contract security guards and sometimes they are private security guards. Whoever employs them is inconsequential but the most important thing here is that their duties are the same – providing security.

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