Easy Ways to Keep Your House Cool During Summer

Now that the summer season officially starts, and the temperature is increasing. When warm air rises outdoors, home interiors also get hotter. Not only is the scorching ray of the sun unbearable, but it is unsuitable for your comfortable sleep. Of course, an air conditioner is an option, but many of us cannot afford it, and it is also not an earth-friendly solution. So what can you do to keep the home temperature down naturally? Take your time; look at these easy-to-follow ways to keep your house cool during summer.

Keep your Windows Closed and Covered

During the summertime, the sun emits many heat rays which can enter your house through windows and make it hotter. One of the best ways to block out the sun rays entirely is to keep your windows and blinds (blinds cleaning guide) closed. So if you have windows facing the sun’s direction, you should cover them with curtains. Usually, heavier curtains work better in summer.


Swap out the Bedding Items

Just like you wear different clothes for different seasons, change up bedding items too when the season changes. Fabrics such as silk and flannel are best for winter. But opt for bed sheets, duvets, and pillow covers made from cotton material for the summer months. This is because they absorb sweat better, making you feel calm during hot nights. Choose light colours because they reflect heat rather than drink it. It is also an excellent way to change the look of your bedroom

Add air-purifying Plants

Using indoor plants will help you greatly to stay cool during the summer, especially if you live in a warm climate. So add as many plants as possible to your house. For best results, use plants like aloe vera, palm tree, snake plant, ficus, and fern because they absorb warm air and help to reduce the ambient temperature. Moreover, they lift your mood and look attractive in any space.

Make use of Ice

This is an old trick, but it works. All you need to do is fill a large plate or bowl with ice cubes and set it in front of the table fan. Now, switch on the fan. As the ice cubes melt, the fan will immediately blow a sea-like cool breeze toward you. This is the best way to cool your room if you don’t have an air conditioner.


Close Unused Rooms

If some rooms in your home are unused regularly, you should shut their doors. Also, keep your bathroom door closed after taking a bath. This will help the cool air stay in the room where you spend most of your time.

Buy Ceiling Fan

If you can’t afford an air conditioner, buy a ceiling fan, as it requires less power. It does wonder during summer if you use it in the right way. A good ceiling fan constantly moves air around to keep you cool enough. But remember to rotate it anti-clockwise during warmer days so that it pushes cool air downwards. Use two fans if you have a large room.

Lower your Body Temperature

While trying to keep your home cool, it is important to cool down your body temperature. An easy way to do so is to drink a lot of water. Besides that, take a cold shower, wear lightweight clothes, and eat juicy fruits.

Let the Cool air In

The outdoor temperature is considerably low in the early morning and late evening. So make the most of that time and open the windows to let the cool breeze enter the house. But remember, shut them immediately when the outdoor temperature rises. This will help you sleep better. 


Unplug Electrical Appliances

Believe it or not, any plugged-in appliances or electronics radiate a lot of heat over time. So it is better to unplug devices like TV, computer, toaster or dryer when you don’t use them. This will keep your electricity bill low and help to limit the excess heat generated inside your house.


Summer brings a lot of good things except one the scorching heat. Even in the hottest summer month, staying cool inside your house without using an air conditioner is not difficult. You can achieve your goal of reducing the heat by using a proper window covering and making a few changes. 

Try some or all of the above tricks to see the difference. And the best part is that these will take little time to implement. Enjoy summertime instead of being uncomfortable!

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