Major Causes of Blocked Drains and How to Get Rid of Them

Blocked drains are not only inconvenient but totally disgusting. They emit an odor which seems to be long lasting; besides they can be the cause of ill-health among the family members. This is one problem which needs a ‘quick’ sorting out. The causes of these blocked drains can be accumulation of hair, grease, flushing down foreign objects and the list goes on.

Drain Blockages

What are the major causes of blocked drains and how will you get rid of it?

#Foreign objects:

Many a times, unintentionally we tend to drop foreign objects down the drain.  This might seem a small error but for sure, can lead to the major problem of blockage. This problem needs to be addressed and your family members should be strict about this.

#Hair and hair strands that block the drain:

Wash your hair as frequently as you want but make sure to clear up the stray hair which has fallen. Slowly but surely this gets collected in the drain and lead to that unwanted blockage. A little care is required to keep this nuisance of blocked drains at bay.


Beware of what you flush down the sinks, more so with the kitchen sinks. Oil and grease can be a major problem with drains.  They tend to stick to the sides of the pipes and after a short span of time cause blockages which might require professional help.

Blocked Drain


As we know roots normally head towards moisture or sources of water to keep the trees breathing. This might lead them to your drain. Pipes tend to get cracked, which in turn, leads to blocking of drains. During autumn you have the trees shedding leaves.

#Pipe installation:

Inexperienced professionals installing pipes is asking for big time trouble. You need to ensure you only opt for qualified professionals who have the required experience in pipe installation. In correct installation is one of the major causes of drains getting blocked.

#Toilet paper blockage:

Flushing down toilet paper in excessive amount down the toilet can lead to this blockage. Though not too serious, you need to make sure this is cleared up as soon as possible. You can try using the plunger for this blockage. You need to flush excessively to ensure the drain is back to normal. Toilet papers of any varieties are harmful as they clog even the smallest of drains. The mouth of pipes and the drainage lines must be put and lined in the most perfect order to enhance the flow of water.

#Concrete in the pipe:

This concrete in the pipe is due to the carelessness of the workers working in a new house. They normally pour the left-over concrete down the drain without realizing that this can solidify and damage the drain. This problem requires only professionals as homeowners will not be able to tackle this.

block drain
Block Drain

#Tips to avoid drain blockage:

Following some tips in a routine manner can reduce the drain blockage problem.

  • Small blockages can be cleared by throwing a handful of baking soda and flushing this down with warm/hot water.
  • Pour some hot water regularly in your drain. This can flush out small blockages.

#Opting for professional help:

Drain blockages attended immediately might be easy, but blockages which are stubborn cannot be handled by any homeowner. You need to seek professional help. Look for well reputed professionals who have the experience in clearing drain blockages. An online search is one convenient manner to search for professionals dealing with drain blockages. Blocked drain specialists are also available online to help you out in cleaning the drains. You can call a professional plumber to get rid of the blocked drains problems.

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