All You Need to Know About Window Security Shutters

The issue of security is one primary concern for every homeowner. The owner of a home wants to keep his home safe and secure from any unwanted intrusion. It is important to take various safety measures in a home to ensure that the individuals living in it are safe. If someone ignores the issues of safety, then any day there can be break-ins and valuables might be stolen. It can also be proven to be fatal. Today there are various equipment’s available for taking care of the safety issues of a house. There are CCTV cameras, burglar alarms and security lighting. Another thing that can enhance the safety of your house is using window security shutters.

Installing the security shutters on your windows will make sure that no one can break

About the shutters:

Windows are the most vulnerable part of the buildings. Having window security shutters is a great way to ensure the security of the house. These are strong and are hardwired. They have slates made up of aluminium which makes them sturdy lightweight and rust-free. Thus, making them last longer. Moreover, these shutters come in the colors of brown and white. However, many companies offer different color options and styles as well. This means that installing window security shutters will give an aesthetic look to your indoors and will enhance the overall appearance of your house. Thus, it will not only work as a safety tool but also will serve these additional purposes. When you do not use the shutters, you can simply roll them up into a discrete box that is placed above the window.

Window Security Shutters

Operating the shutters:

The window security shutters can be operated both electronically and manually. In case of the manual shutters they can be lowered and rolled by using a belt or can also be operated by a rod crank that is geared. These shutters can also be operated with a spring that is loaded with a lock at the bottom in order to make sure that the shutter is placed securely when it is closed. On the other hand, electric shutters need motors to run and are operated by remote control or a switch. Electric shutters are quite beneficial as they can be opened and closed as many times as one wants by only pushing a button. Moreover, the shutter can remain in half-open or half-close position that will make sure that your room gets the desired amount of sunlight.

Following are the types of window security shutters:

  1. Built-in/built-on roller shutters
  2. Manual Shutters
  3. Integrated Shutters
  4. Electric Shutters

Various benefits of using shutters:

Sun protection- Using foam filled roller shutters stops 70% of the heat from coming in and also prevents 60% of the heat from escaping from the house. This is made up of Polyurethane which helps in this process.

Security- One of the major benefits of using them, is of course providing security to your house. These roller shitters are mounted close to the window which cannot be easily pulled off, one needs to put in a lot of effort for the same. Thus, they work in enhancing the security of the house.

Window Shutters
  • Reducing noise: Well, you would not want the noise to barge in your privacy. They have the noise-cancelling features allowing to cut down the noise by 50%.
  • Adds aesthetic appeal to the house: Yes, one of the key reasons people add security shutters is to enhance the security of the house. Since windows are the most vulnerable part of the house, having security shutters mounted on them will help in enhancing security while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the house.
  • Controlling the light: Given the fact that the shutters allow you to close them down completely, it helps you in creating complete darkness in your room even in the daytime. This feature might be particularly helpful to them who work at night shift and want to sleep in the morning. You can also use this feature to make sure that your room is not flooded with sunlight early in the morning and ruin your sleep. Closing the shutters completely will ensure pitch darkness in the room and when you decide to get light you can simply lift the shutters up.

Thus, it can be said with conviction that window security shutters help a household in many ways. It provides safety and security, gives an aesthetic look to the house and also enables one to control the passing of sunlight in a particular room.  Again, the quality of window shutters may vary, so if you want to get the benefits of the same, then you should use good quality window security shutters.

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