Choose Stylish Curtains for Your House

The process of choosing a specific window treatment for a particular home is challenging. Once the home owner finds the right kind of window treatment, a major impact can be created and an entire look can be effortlessly created. When it comes to selecting a type of curtain, the user should look for the functions and must not focus only on the style factor. This thinking alone reduces the number of options in the hand for a particular curtain or drape. Hence, the customer needs to be flexible to make a wise choice. Some of the factors that can be considered while selecting curtains are-

Stylish Curtains

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Efficient lighting and privacy

The homeowner should consider how much light is required to be filtered in and out. This is influenced by the space inside the house. If curtains are being chosen only for rooms like the sunroom or the living room, experts recommend choosing sheer curtains for more light to enter in. If more privacy is required, users should consider choosing a heavier material as a curtain.

Right kind of measurements

When curtains are mounted properly, the rooms appear bigger. The other tips for accurately measuring curtains or drapes are-

  • The height from the floor to the rod should be accurately measured before hanging the curtains.
  • The individual who is setting up the curtain should ensure that the height of the rings or the other kinds of hanging hardware are considered when measuring the space that is required between the curtains and the floor.
  • When the width is measured, the curtain installer should consider the fullness of the fabric. For a completely draped look, the curtain should be at least 3 times the size of the window. For a beautifully tailored look, high-quality curtain panels that are 2 inches wider than a window are apt.

Choosing a washing machine friendly fabric

It is necessary for a customer to have a clear perspective on the mind regarding the type of curtain they are looking for. While, a few of them can be home-washed, others can only be dry-cleaned. They must choose to fabric according to their requirement and convenience. If they can wash it at home, they must go for a machine-friendly alternative and vice versa. Washing machine friendly curtains will help in saving a lot of money and time in the longer run. Most of the consumer reports indicate that most of the customers spoil the beauty of their curtains by trying to wash them on their own.

Standard or customized window treatments

There are a wide variety of benefits that are available when it comes to customized window treatments. The user can customize the dimensions based on the size of the windows. Panels that are customized are available in unique and different kinds of options based on the types of headers and materials. The primary difference between the customized options and the standard options is the price that is always higher if a person wants to pick a customized option.

The type of fabrics and colors that are available in the market

The type of fabric used in curtains is very crucial because it influences how well the curtains stand the test of time. Some experts recommend that velvet, silk, faux silk, and linen are the best type of materials for curtains because they tend to hang really well. Some of the fabrics available in the market ensure that it maintains the warmth in the inner surroundings.

Curtains for Home
Curtains for Home

Most of the hotels used tapestry, velvet, suede, or tweed as it helps a great deal in trapping the heat. One important point to remember is that any type of fabric can be bumped up with an interlining, that provides an insulating effect to the entire curtain.

All the points discussed above do not guarantee a foolproof choice when it comes to the purchase of curtains, but they provide a framework for selecting the right kind of curtains. Sometimes it is better for the individuals to go with their gut. It works!

All the points discussed above do not guarantee a foolproof choice when it comes to the purchase of curtains, but they provide a various framework for choosing the stylish curtains. Sometimes it is better for the individuals to go with their gut. It works!

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