How to Get That Trendy Look for Your Bathroom Tile

Thinking of revamping your bathroom with cooler tiles? Allow me to offer some inspiration, so you can replace your outdated tiles with newer and better ones! Below, I have some tips to help you pull off the look effortlessly. Keep reading to find your next tile crush.

Bathroom Tile

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1| Mix + Match neutral tiles

Mix and match your neutrals! It makes the typical neutral look much more exciting when paired with different shapes and patterns. Take a classic white subway tile with black grout lines and transform it by pairing it with an intricately patterned black/white tile. Also, black and white is the ultimate contrast duo which creates instant visual interest. So, definitely look into tiles with these classic colors.

Natural Stone Tile

2| Natural stone tile

The natural stone look is a classic and will add texture to your bathroom. It will also bring a whole new level of elegance to your shower — especially if you use marble! Marble has a timeless beauty, so you won’t have to worry about updating your bathroom every year. Just make sure you provide proper care for marble tiles, which need to be sealed at least twice a year to prevent discoloration and preserve their texture.

Arabesque Bathroom Tiles

3| Arabesque

The Arabesque shape cyclically trends because of its distinctive and timeless design. The lantern-like shape is the perfect balance of geometric and intricate, making it super versatile! Since white Arabesque bathroom tiles are the standard go-to, you do have to pay attention to grout color. Try to avoid white grout lines. Too much white washes out the style, which is why white-on-white bathrooms are out. Instead, frame your fresh white tiles with a sandy beige colored grout to keep the look natural and give it harmonious contrast. This color combo also matches the natural wood-look for that spa effect.

Geometric Tiles

4| Geometric

Geometric patterns are totally in and not just circles and triangles! Think beyond your basic shapes and mix them together for a completely different theme. Look into vintage geometric patterns or tribal patterns to really be up-to-date. The clean lines will add an interesting element to any space, plus it will show off your fun and sophisticated personality. You can play with these patterns by choosing different color combinations like a contrasting black and white duo or an effortlessly cool grey.

Mosaic Glass Tiles

5| Colored glass tiles & Mosaic glass tiles

Bring some light and color to your bathroom by adding colored glass and mosaic tiles to your bathroom walls. Not only will the tiles offer a pop of color to liven up the space, it will also add some shine because of the naturally reflective properties of glass tiles. Glass tiles are also easy to maintain and will give your bathroom a high-end look. Incorporating color is also a good way to create a theme for your bathroom. For example, using blue shell-shaped tiles to create a lighthearted nautical look. Pair light blue glass tiles with gold hardware for a luxurious color combination.

I hope these ideas have provided you with some ideas and inspiration for updating your bathroom’s tiles. As always, your personal preference is the most important factor. If you love it, then it works! The only caveat is to make sure it’s the right type of tile material for the space you’re working in.

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