Amazing Ways Stamped Concrete Will Improve Your Outdoor Areas

You invest a lot of money, time, and energy in your home. So, you want it to look good, outdoors as well as inside. Taking care of the outside includes a lot of elements, including your garden and lawn, paint, windows, and doors. Your hard surfaces are part of it too, including your driveway, sidewalk, and patio. And stamped concrete is a fantastic material when you want your whole outdoor area to look amazing!

Stamped concrete is a durable material that mimics the look of other surfacing materials like brick, pavers, and cobblestone. It can even look like hewn stone or wood. At the same time, it is only a bit more expensive than regular concrete, which makes it more affordable than most of these other materials. Like regular concrete, it’s easy to care for and can last for decades with a minimum of maintenance.

Concrete for Home Outdoor

How stamped concrete is installed

Knowing what stamped concrete is will help us understand that beauty is found in simplicity. The name itself explains it well. The difference, though, is that it won’t look like concrete when it’s done.

Regular concrete is mixed and poured. Coloring is added to it. Some contractors add this dye while mixing the concrete, although “casting” the color after the concrete is already in place usually provides a richer, more consistent color.

As the concrete dries, large stamps are pressed into it to create patterns. Several large stamps are part of each set so that the image created looks like it’s the real thing. These stamps aren’t superficial images; they create real depth with ridges and joints in the surface. Finally, the contractor uses additional dyes to highlight areas where grout or other elements would be.

What you end up with is a concrete surface that looks like something else. It’s only possible to tell the difference if someone knows what to look for and pays attention! It’s a beautiful product that adds to the appearance (and value) of your property.

Some great ways to use stamped concrete

There are many ways to incorporate this material into your property. Let’s just highlight a few ideas with some unique patterns.

Wood plank pool deck

Wood Plank Pool Deck

Concrete stays cool, which helps make it fantastic for a pool deck when you or your youngsters are going about barefoot. Unlike many stone surfaces, it also stays level. You don’t have to worry about stubbing your toe on a random piece that’s suddenly sticking out above the rest.

This wood plank design helps create the relaxed feel you love to have poolside!

Brick front entryway

Brick Front Entryway

You want to feel great coming home, and you want your neighbors and visitors to take pride in your home. And that starts with the approach to it.

A great-looking entryway can set your home apart. This brick herringbone pattern goes great if your home’s facade is also brick. You’re not stuck with just this shade, either. Brick comes in many colors and your stamped concrete can, too.

Cobblestone driveway

Cobblestone Driveway

Your driveway is another place you can add a great look. Cobblestone is a classic material that hearkens back to Europe of centuries ago. It remains popular today, though, especially in historic districts. It’s even used on many pedestrian-friendly streets to create a more leisurely sense.

A cobblestone pattern of stamped concrete in your driveway can help add character and appeal. At the same time, it avoids the high cost of actual cobblestones, and eliminates the need for constant maintenance of individual stones!

Slate sidewalk

Slate Sidewalk

Slate can look great, but it’s often costly. Slate pavers can also crack over time, leading to an uneven surface.

But if you want the look without the hassle, a sidewalk that looks like slate can be a fantastic choice. It goes great in almost any neighborhood and looks both simple and classy at the same time.

Natural stone garden path

Natural Stone Garden Path

A lot can go into fashioning stone, but sometimes it’s great to get back to the basics. Stone that’s cut by hand from the quarry doesn’t have all the finish of machined pieces. But that’s what makes it so charming!

This hewn stone path and patio look like a mason chiseled the pieces, carried them to your yard, and spent hours figuring out how this puzzle can be fit together. Yet, in this case, it’s all done with stamped concrete! It helps create a relaxed, unhurried feel, perfect for enjoying your own backyard space.


Concrete surfaces don’t have to be dull and boring. Stamped concrete adds beauty, no matter what style your home may be or what your tastes are. Whether you’re trying to spruce up your entryway and driveway or want a great patio or pool deck, there are great options available at great prices!

About the author: Bill Michaels works for Patterned Concrete as a media outreach specialist. The company is an expert and pioneer in stamped concrete since 1972. It has grown from its Toronto-area roots to have franchises across North America.

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