Easy Tips on How to Install Aluminum Sliding Doors

Aluminum sliding doors are a very popular choice nowadays both at homes, offices, and elsewhere as this product is a perfect combination of optimal practicality and style. The product looks quite good, and it is very easy to use as well. Another additional benefit using these doors is that they require really low maintenance and are sturdy, therefore, lasts for a long time without burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover, an aluminum sliding door will also help you in saving the space taken up which would not happen with an otherwise bulky alternative.

However, installing an aluminum sliding door might be a tricky process in case you are not familiar with it. So, a little research would go a long way in helping you out. Listed below are five easy and convenient tips which would help you in installing aluminum sliding doors:

Aluminum Sliding Doors

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5 quick and easy steps for installing aluminum sliding doors

#1. Read the installation guide carefully and thoroughly:

This is perhaps the most important step, and this is also mostly a no-brainer. Before installing aluminum sliding doors, go through the installation guide that comes with the product very carefully, and make sure that you spare no detail. Five minutes of dedicated focus will help you out a lot as it will introduce you to the mechanism of the product and help you both assemble and install it.

#2. Assemble all the tools you might need:

Before starting the installation process, remember to gather all the tools which would come handy in installing aluminum sliding doors. These tools might include a spirit level, fixing screws or nails, a drill, a tape measure, a staple gun (along with staples), and other tools like hammers, pinch bars, and so on. You might also want to ask a close friend or family member to help you out with the installation in case you are facing some confusion.

#3. Take care of the measuring and the flashing process:

The measuring process is very important before the installation is done. You must make sure to carefully measure the depth, height, and width of the door being installed, and also the opening it is being installed into. This is important because otherwise the opening of the aluminum sliding doors would otherwise not fit properly, and even an error worth an inch might cause a problem. You should keep in mind that the measurement of the opening must be 30 mm higher and 20 mm wider than the sliding door so that the plumb and square installations can happen without any difficulties. Moreover, if flashing needs to be done, it has to be pulled forward and then fixed on the face of the stud being used in the installation. Flashing is most usually carried out with a staple gun.

Sliding Doors

#4. Go through the basics of the installation:

There are some basic step by step instructions which must be followed to execute the installation of the aluminum sliding doors. These include marking the position of the product and placing the spirit level on the base accordingly; marking the reveal of the jamb; measuring and drilling the holes necessary before installation; and then placing the door. Any standard installation process would allow up to 10 mm of plaster on the inner side of the product.

#5. Check if you need any additional fixings:

Some aluminum sliding doors require a few additional fixings after the installation process is finished. Once you have read the guide which comes with the product, it must be clear to you regarding the requirement of the specific product you are installing. In case it needs any additional fixing, you must go ahead with packing, drilling, and fixing meticulously while making sure that the reveals continue to be plumb.

Although installing sliding doors might prove to be tricky, if the instructions are followed step-by-step in the right order, it is bound to take up really little of your time and energy. The above instructions will certainly help you with installing your aluminum sliding door.

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