The Importance of Roof and Gutter Maintenance

Roofs are part of the house that faces the problematic and rough aspects of the climate. Maintenance of roofs, gutters and downpipes of your property should be carried out once at least in six months. In places with dramatic weather conditions, more frequent inspections are required.

It’s a must to get your roofs, gutters and downpipes inspected after the storm and high winds. The reasons behind it are simple. The storm brings in the dirt, and strong winds can hamper the condition of the roofs. It is thus advisable to get roof inspection and restoration without any delay.


In the case of overhanging branches, it might often lead to clogging of gutters. Overflowing gutters symbolise blockages that may lead to serious guttering malfunctions. Apart from gutters, valley lines are also prone to trapping leaves, causing the water to escape to ceilings and further interiors of the house. Other blockages can be due to debris indicating damaged roof timbers, ceilings, internal walls and other structural damage that might lead to more severe problems. Basement flooding is another concern that may be caused due to overflowing of gutters.

Therefore, it is advisable to keep your roof, gutters and downpipes in tip-top shape. We have come up with some of the points that help you keep your roof and gutters in excellent conditions.

Regular inspection

Roof inspections must take place regularly, especially after a storm or strong winds. Some of the issues that one must look include:

  1. Stagnant or ponding water
  2. Leaf litter and other debris in and around the gutters
  3. Gaps in the roof
  4. Missing or broken roof tiles
  5. Any damage to the roof coverings such as tears, cracks or air-bubbles
  6. Loose Ridge capping
  7. Rusting of nails, gutters or iron sheets
  8. Water stains or odours that indicate leaks within the building
  9. Any other issue.

The house owners can do the primary inspection of the house, and in case of help, they can hire professionals to address the matter on hand.

Maintenance and repairs

Once thorough inspections are done, then comes the roof restoration aspect. Roof restoration helps to retain the roof in good condition and also helps in further extending roof life. The necessary repairs to replace the broken or missing tiles or other efforts, support the roof to regain its strength.

Another particular concern regarding your property’s roof is its gutter system. Like discussed earlier, when gutters and downpipes are blocked with debris or leaves and branches, it can lead to serious drainage problems. It can lead to flooding within the rainy season and more susceptible to fire damage in hot and dry weather. Water build-up within the gutters acts as a breeding ground for insects or other vermin and can even lead to gutter collapse.

To ensure proper drainage and for lasting gutters, get them cleared regularly.


Preventive measures

By keeping your gutters up to date, you can avoid a headache. Clean gutters are achievable through regular inspections and cleaning done by roof restoration companies. You could consider a permanent solution by installing gutter guards.

Roof and gutter maintenance is to be done regularly. Analysing roof and gutters personally or through professionals require safety standards in place. Here we state some of the safety precautions one must take while handling roof inspection and repairs.

  • Use a ladder to get over the roof from where various problems can be analysed. It helps to inspect the roof, gutters and works around the premises. Make sure the ladder is sturdy and placed on a levelled surface.
  • Wear thick gloves to avoid cuts in hand, and protective eye gear to prevent swarf from entering your eyes.
  • For roof cleaning, use a stiff soft-bristled brush to sweep debris into a pile. Be careful not to damage or scratch the metal gutters.
  • Clear the downpipes of any debris by applying a water pressure hose down, each downpipe. Removing obstacles (if any), eliminates the risk of water clogging. In case the blockages in the underground stormwater systems, you may require a plumber to clear it up. 

To conclude, a well-maintained gutter system helps eliminate water pooling and ice and snow accumulation. The efficiency of gutters reflects on the lifespan of the roof. By having your gutters cleaned by experts, you can get your roof, gutter and downpipes in a well-functioning state.

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